Sonera accelerates the expansion of wireless broadband

Sonera will expand the availability of wireless broadband services aggressively in spring and summer 2008 by investing over ten million euros in the 3G network and dropping the price of the broadband access provided through Digita’s @450 network. The 3G network will expand to cover about 200 population centres, and the @450 network will bring broadband service to areas where broadband access has not been available before.

The growth of wireless broadband services supplementing fixed broadband gained tremendous momentum in the latter half of 2007. More and more people in Finland want to be connected at all times to read email, surf on the Internet or deal with business matters using a mobile phone or a laptop.

At the end of 2007, Sonera’s 3G network extended to 110 populations centres, and by summer’s end, about 90 new localities will be covered.

Further, Sonera acts as a service provider in Digita’s wireless @450 broadband network, which is expanding rapidly. Digita has announced that they will double the number of base stations in their @450 network by summer. Sonera dropped the price of wireless 1 Mbps broadband access in the @450 network to 44.90 euros a month (previously 49.90 euros) and will in future offer a wireless option as a primary broadband solution for sparsely-populated areas. Consequently, an estimated 85 % of the Finnish population is covered by Sonera's wireless broadband services.

“We will upgrade the 3G network from the current maximum speed of 2 Mbps to 3,6 Mbps during the spring. We also opened in good time a 3G test network at a 900 MHz frequency. With this technology we will be able to expand the coverage of high-speed networks when the market is ripe for commercial launch. Even at present, Sonera’s offering of wireless connections in the 3G and @450 networks is excellent in terms of both coverage and quality,” says Senior Vice President Esa Rautalinko, Mobility Services, TeliaSonera.

Broadband is quickly becoming a standard solution for data transmission not only on wireline connections at home or at the office but also as a mobile solution and at the summerhouse, for example. The customers are increasingly using the easy-to-use USB modems of new mobile phones and laptops or built-in technology of PCs to utilize the mobile communications network.

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