Sonera offers user identity management to companies as a managed service

TeliaSonera offers its customers a centralized identity management environment for operational information systems designed for electronic transactions. This new managed service makes it easy for companies to ensure that the users of their information networks and systems have access only to the information and services that they are authorized to use. By buying access rights management as a centralized service companies can significantly improve their efficiency and information security and save costs.

The technology required by TeliaSonera's total service is provided by RM5 Software, a company specialized in user identity management. The technology is already being used in dozens of organizations of different branches in Finland.

The maintenance of the server systems will be provided by Crescom Oy, owned by TeliaSonera. Crescom will ensure the high availability and security of this managed service.

New electronic services offered to employees, customers or stakeholders increase the need for user identity management. It has thus become necessary to combine identification of users and terminal devices, encryption solutions and access rights into a single, easy-to-manage entity. TeliaSonera is the first telecommunications operator on the market that provides user identity management as a total service.

“By buying user identity management as a centralized service companies avoid major investments and integration initiatives. This allows them to improve their profitability immediately and to focus on improving the efficiency of their information systems and processes,” says Mika Anttila, Product Manager at TeliaSonera.

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TeliaSonera’s User Identity Management as a Managed Service (more)

As a rule, access rights to the information systems of companies and organizations have been application-specific. From the point of view of secure information management this has meant that there have been several systems to manage and maintain. Combining the systems is thus a major initiative. Because of the diversity of systems, end-users have often had equally many usernames and passwords to remember as there have been services in their use on the network.

With this new service companies and other organizations can manage all the business services and applications that their identified user groups have access to. When a user identifies himself to the company’s business applications on the information network using a user ID, Secure ID card or mobile certificate, the management of separate applications will be managed in a centralized system. The users are granted rights to use the services on the network based on the roles defined for them.

The user groups can also delegate access rights to their representatives, such as external service providers. The user IDs needed to different applications are created automatically, which means major savings in maintenance costs.

Centralized identity management for TeliaSonera’s network services

TeliaSonera’s network services are Internet-based and designed for thousands of companies and their hundreds of thousands of users. The content of the services has been decentralized onto about 40 extranets, the identity management of which will now be centralized. The centralization is a way of improving the efficiency of network transactions, for example, and enabling the management of both personal and business services during a single session.

TeliaSonera’s network services are provided at the web address