TeliaSonera introduces a new solution for flexible remote management and enhanced information security of corporate telephones

TeliaSonera will launch a service by means of which corporate telephones can be managed remotely as easily and effectively as computers. Software can be upgraded on phones in a centralized manner, and data saved in the phone can be restored upon loss or breakdown of the phone. Remote management is part of the service by means of which companies can purchase all their mobile communications as a ready-made package.

Advanced mobile phones, or smart phones, resemble portable computers more and more in their features. Both private and work-related information, such as important customer data, addresses, passwords, e-mail messages, calendar entries and notes, is stored in the phones. Securing mobile phones and the data in them is increasingly important. Half of the Finnish business users already use e-mail on their mobile phones.

By means of TeliaSonera’s new remote management service, the usability and security of phones rise to the same level as in office computers. Data can be restored to or removed from the mobile phone of a business user if the phone is lost or breaks down. Remote management also allows mobile phones to be installed and software to be updated on them in a centralized manner.

“The remote management service, aimed at large and medium-sized companies, enables our customers to save a lot of time and resources. Employees of the companies, in turn, can rely on always having up-to-date and secure tools which make mobile work easier,” says Jukka Leinonen, Senior Vice President in charge of business solutions at TeliaSonera.

Leinonen shares the view of the recognized research institute Gartner that remote management of mobile phones is one of the fastest growing trends in telecommunications in 2008.1

All mobile communications as a monthly-priced service package
Remote management is part of TeliaSonera’s new standardized service package for mobile phones, the most extensive in the market. In the monthly-priced Managed Device solution, the customer receives mobile phones, software functioning and tested on them as well as standardized services, usage training and remote management as a monthly-priced "turnkey" package. In the solution, employees are profiled into three groups: All Around, On the Go, and In House. Each employee receives a preinstalled phone according to his or her user profile, with services ready for use, user support and usage training.

The solution is aimed primarily at companies with more than 50 employees. Companies can also purchase centralized remote management as a separate service for their existing telephones.

“It is high time companies think how to manage their mobile equipment as part of their other IT environment and put their employees’ mobile phones into more effective use than before. Many companies have an undefined selection of mobile phones at their disposal, and their uncontrolled use is a clear security risk and wasted investment. In work-related use, mobile phones should be treated as computers. They are primarily tools and only secondarily personal objects,” Leinonen says.

1 (Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Pan-Western European Mobile, 2007)

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