Faster hotline service by changes in customer service

Sonera’s service model for consumer customer service changes as of 2 May 2008. With the change, the aim is to improve customers’ service experience by minimizing queuing times and the number of call transfers and by introducing a call-back feature during spring. In the future, calling one of the service numbers will be subject to the local network or mobile call charge.

“We have looked carefully into this matter and asked our customers to give their opinion on our customer service. Customers feel that the most important thing is that they get reliable and personal service quickly, and they are prepared to pay for it. Thanks to our new call-back service, customers no longer need to wait in line during peak hours, but are offered the choice of leaving a call-back request to Sonera,” says Vice President Tuomas Sederholm from the Customer Experience unit of Broadband Services Finland.

Sonera will adopt two new telephone numbers: In customer service matters and billing enquiries and any technical questions involving Sonera services, customers are asked to call 0200 17000. To report faults, customers should contact 0206 90101. These numbers are available from the beginning of May. At the same time, menu choices are changed to ensure that calls are forwarded directly to the best expert available. In the future, calling a services number costs the regular local network charge or mobile call charge. Also queuing will be subject to the standard charge.

“This is common practice in customer service numbers. Sonera does not charge any extra charge on top of the standard charge, which is in the lowest available price group. For example, making a four-minute call from a fixed-line or mobile phone will typically cost about twenty cents,” Sederholm says.

Most matters related to Sonera’s services can be easily handled in the Omat Sivut (My Pages) online service at On the site, customers may for example attend to invoicing matters, upgrage their mobile subscription or broadband rates. Sonera customers use the services on Omat Sivut for up to 350,000 to 400,000 times per week, and the self-service channel’s popularity is constantly increasing. Sonera customer service takes about three million calls per year.

Technical assistance for every home

In addition, Sonera offers a new type of premium-charge technical support service for customers needing help with their devices. The demand for this service has been on constant rise, and it was set up purely to meet customer needs. The hotline helps with problems relating to computers, digital TV receivers, modems, data security and linking a mobile phone with a computer. The call is subject to the local network charge or mobile call charge + €1.99 per minute. Technical Support serves everyone in Finland at 0200 600 600.

For more information, please contact:

Vice President Tuomas Sederholm, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland / Customer Experience
Telephone: 040 3022 006

Vice President Petri Lahtinen, TeliaSonera, Mobility Services Finland / Mobility Customer Support
Telephone: 0400 500 373