Telia halves the price of mobile data abroad

Tomorrow it will be up to 53 percent cheaper for Telia customers to surf the web and use mobile broadband in Europe. The price reduction applies to the networks of selected mobile operators in 26 countries.

“It will now become easy for our customers to control costs when using mobile data abroad. In this first step, the price reduction is up to 53%, and we are going to lower the prices step by step after negotiating with other operators,” says Håkan Dahlström, Group Vice President of TeliaSonera Mobility Services Sweden.

The price reduction will be applied automatically to all Telia mobile customers. When our customers arrive in a European country, they will receive a welcome SMS with information on valid prices and on the operator in whose network they are roaming.

The new prices apply to selected operators in Europe* according to Telia’s zone division:

- Zone 1 (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Lithuania): new price SEK 25/MB (previously SEK 50/MB)

- Zone 2 (other EU countries): new price SEK 40/MB (previously SEK 85/MB).

Easier for customers to control costs

Telia customers can already now monitor the costs they incur when using their mobile broadband abroad. Telia Connect is a service that notifies the customer when a certain volume of data has been consumed, thus allowing the customer to avoid unexpectedly large invoices.

It will be even easier to control costs later this year, when Telia launches a maximum price for mobile data abroad.

*For the selected operators, see the attached file.

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