Helpson solves IT problems at home and office

Sonera is the first company in Finland to launch a nationwide technical support service. Helpson provides support for installation of IT equipment and for fault situations both over the phone at 0200 600 600 and on site. The charged service is targeted at all Finns who wish to use the equipment they have purchased as efficiently as possible.

Sonera’s newly completed trend survey 2008 shows that only 17% of people need no advice on their communications tools. This is partly due to the increasing number of devices and the challenges posed by their interoperability. Advice is most often sought through the phone, television or broadband supplier, but people turn to friends, relatives and family members as well. One out of three Finns says that they are willing to pay for professional help and practical support in technological and IT issues.The reliability of information technology and consumer electronics has become increasingly important, as a growing number of people store pictures, music, TV programmes and videos electronically.

“Help is most often needed in acute fault situations. According to Sonera’s trend survey, as many as 41% of the Finns have had a virus on their computer during the past year, for example. Incompetent handling of IT problems can sometimes make the situation even worse, whereas a specialist can solve a problem that may seem difficult in a matter of minutes,” says Ari Hakala, head of TeliaSonera’s Helpson support service.

Helpson provides technical support over the phone at 0200 600 600. Helpson helps customers for instance in problems related to digiboxes, computers and mobile phones. If necessary, the specialist sets up a remote connection to the customer’s computer to solve the problem. The telephone service costs €1.99 per minute (+local network charge / mobile call charge).

Helpson also makes house calls, charging for them either service-specifically or in 15-minute periods. On site, the specialist can, for example, install a computer or virus protection, introduce a WLAN network securely, or remove a virus. At present, house calls can be ordered by customers residing in Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Turku, Pori, Rauma, Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Oulu or their sub-regions.
The Helpson web store sells basic IT products needed at home, such as USB memories, computer accessories, printers, printer accessories, software and cables, at

Sonera’s customer service continues to help customers in fault situations

Sonera’s customer service will continue to support Sonera customers in issues related to Sonera’s products and services. As from May, Sonera will have two new telephone numbers: in customer service matters, billing enquiries and technical questions related to Sonera services, customers can call 0200 17000, and in case of faults, they can call 0206 90101. The regular local network charge or mobile call charge is applied to calls to the above service numbers.

“We decided to set up a completely separate technical support service, as there is a growing need for diversified technical support, and this allows Sonera's customer service to focus fully on calls related to Sonera services. Helpson also helps other users than Sonera’s customers: our new service is intended for everyone regardless of the service provider that has sold the subscription or service. Helpson is available to everyone in Finland,” Hakala concludes.

Further information:

Ari Hakala, TeliaSonera, Helpson
Tel: +358 40 539 3434