Cooperation between Sonera and Rautakirja simplifies purchasing – you can now buy a PC at a nearby R-kiosk

Rautakirja and TeliaSonera cooperate to provide Finns with a new and easy way of buying home electronics. In future, you can order PCs, cameras, digiboxes and game consoles at a nearby R-kiosk.

The cooperation between Rautakirja and Sonera starting in May combines Sonera’s equipment concept with Rautakirja’s extensive network of over 700 R-kiosks throughout Finland. In future, the customer can buy up-to-date equipment tested by TeliaSonera at an inexpensive monthly charge, delivered directly home, by signing an agreement at the R-kiosk. The offering will at first include digital cameras, recordable digiboxes, Sony PS3 game consoles and laptops.

“Thanks to Sonera’s equipment concept, we can bring an entirely new product area to R-kiosks and offer our customers an easy way of buying home electronics. This is a fine addition to our offering and well in line with our efforts of serving customers comprehensively throughout Finland. Customers can already pick up parcels as well as buy train tickets, Travel Cards and fishing licences at R-kiosks ,” says Ari Pellilä, Product Manager at Rautakirja.

“We believe in R-kiosks’ potential to find new target groups. Everyone in Finland can go to an R-Kiosk without feeling inferior due to lack of skills or knowledge. Now is the time to shake the deep-rooted beliefs about the difficulty of buying a PC,” says Seppo Hakanen, Head of Sales and Marketing at TeliaSonera Broadband Services Finland. “We have carefully selected equipment whose lifecycle is clearly longer than the 3-year agreement period.”

Further information:
Seppo Hakanen, Head of Sales and Marketing, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, tel. +358 40 842 1848,

Rautakirja is the market leader in kiosk operations, press distribution and movie theatres in Finland and the Baltic countries. It also leads the press distribution market in the Netherlands and in Romania as well as the bookstore market in Finland and Estonia. Rautakirja’s press distribution and kiosk operations have also expanded to Russia. In Finland, Rautakirja’s 720 R-kiosks around the country are visited by over 110 million customers annually.. In May 2008, Rautakirja's kiosk operations will expand to Romania. Rautakirja is part of the SanomaWSOY Group, a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of media in more than 20 countries.