Electronic billing increasingly popular

The number of users of Sonera’s electronic invoicing services has grown rapidly during the spring. At present, about 160,000 consumer customers receive their bills electronically. Sonera customers can receive their bills electronically directly at their own web bank. They can also pay their bills on Sonera’s web site through the Omat Sivut (My Pages) service or receive them by email.

“Electronic invoicing is becoming more and more popular. We have focused our efforts on developing our electronic billing, because we want to contribute to the information society as well as improve our customer service. Electronic invoicing is a future trend, and even the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland has encouraged its promotion,” says Tuomas Sederholm, Vice President of the Customer Experience unit of TeliaSonera Broadband Services Finland. At present, the number of users subscribing to the service is growing by about 20,000 customers a month.

Sonera’s broadband customers have been charged for their paper bills since the beginning of April. The price is eur 1 per paper bill. “The fact that we started to charge our broadband customers for paper bills partly explains the growing number of users, but the service use has also increased among other customers. Customers appreciate the ease of use, reliability and environmental friendliness of electronic invoicing. By not sending 160,000 paper bills, we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 57 tons per year, which corresponds approximately to the CO2 emissions of 14 electrically heated houses.

Sonera’s e-bills comply with Finvoice, the method of forwarding electronic invoices standardized by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services and its member banks. A bill that is directly received at the customer’s web bank includes all the necessary information. All the recipient has to do is check the bill and decide whether to pay it immediately or on the due date. Paid bills are stored securely in the web bank archive. An email invoice is paid by means of a virtual bar code. When the customer pastes the code in the web bank, all information on the invoice is transmitted automatically without the customer having to enter any of it manually.

For further information journalists can contact:
Vice President Tuomas Sederholm, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland, Customer Experience. Tel.: +358 40 302 2006, email: firstname.lastname@teliasonera.com