Sonera renews the pricing of mobile broadband and raises the speed of its 3G network

Sonera introduces mobile Internet at a day rate and raises the maximum speed of the 3G network to 3.6 Mbps

Sonera’s Trend Survey shows that as many as 23% of the Finns surf on the Internet with a mobile phone or wirelessly with a laptop on a daily basis. Active users surfing at least once a week include 40% of the Finns, whereas 60% surf wirelessly more seldom or not at all.

”43% of the passive surfers consider the service to be too expensive. Since Finns are so cost conscious, we are now developing our mobile broadband pricing to make it increasingly clearer and friendlier to customers. A service with a monthly charge is not necessarily the best alternative for all customers: different alternatives are needed to supplement the home’s fixed broadband access, for example” says Pasi Mehtonen, Vice President of Commercial Customer Management at TeliaSonera Mobility Services Finland.

The new Sonera Data Day targeted especially at consumer customers is a 1-day data transfer service without a monthly charge. The customer can start a surfing period of 24 hours at a price of 2.90 euros according to need. Sonera Data Step, in turn, includes data transfer in batches of 20 MB. Sonera’s other time-based data transfer services are Sonera Data Hour (0.90 euros / hour or part of hour) and Sonera Data Month (from 14.90 to 34.80 euros/month depending on the transfer rate).

During the spring, the theoretical maximum speed of Sonera’s 3G network has been upgraded from 2 Mbps to 3.6 Mbps in almost the entire network, and the basic speed of all data transfer services has been upgraded to 512 kbps.

Mobile broadband prices as from May 19, 2008

Euro (incl. VAT 22%)
Sonera Data Hour 0.90/h
Sonera Data Day 2.90/24h
Sonera Data Month 14.90/month
- 1 Mbps 19.80/month
- 3.6 Mbps 34.80/month
Sonera Data Step 3.90/month (incl. 20 MB) + 3.90 / next 20 MB

For further information, please contact:
Pasi Mehtonen, Vice President of Commercial Customer Management, Mobility Services Finland, tel. +358 40 717 1370