Employer/employee negotiations terminated at Sonera’s business services

The negotiations that were started in accordance with the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings on April 28 to improve the cost-efficiency of TeliaSonera Business Services Finland and to adopt a new operation model have now been terminated. The outcome is that 46 employees will be transferred to the Competence Pool. There will be no dismissals.

As a result of the negotiations, the back-office and support functions supporting business sales now have a more efficient and flexible organization. Jobs were also re-organized and, consequently, the cost saving targets will be achieved with smaller personnel reductions than anticipated. At the start of the negotiations, it was estimated that the reorganization of the support and back-office functions of Business Services Finland would lead to the termination of at most 80 jobs. At DataInfo Oy, which concentrates on serving business customers, a reduction of at most 25 jobs was anticipated.

During the negotiations, the number of employees to be transferred to the Competence Pool was specified to be 46. So far 12 people has been successfully redeployed within the company. The other job reductions mainly relate to natural wastage, as fixed-term employment contracts expire.

No dismissals thanks to the Competence Pool procedure

According to the practice TeliaSonera follows in Finland, no holders of jobs that are to be terminated will be dismissed. Instead, the company applies a Competence Pool procedure in order to redeploy the employees.

The Competence Pool helps employees find new jobs both within and outside the company. The employees transferred to the Competence Pool can seek new employment or redeployment for a period of time that exceeds the normal period of notice. The company has found the model to be very useful in change situations. In 2007, 277 employees were transferred to the Competence Pool. Hundreds of vacancies were filled internally, 80 of these with employees from the Competence Pool. In addition, 438 new permanent employees were hired from outside the company. At present, there are 35 employees at the Competence Pool and at the same time there are 32 open vacancies.

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