From a fixed to a mobile phone with a GSM adapter

Sonera cooperates with municipalities, emergency call service providers and different organizations in order to make sure that special services function in wireless networks. Sonera recommends the GSM adapter to customers who wish to continue using their old fixed-network equipment after their migration to mobile communications.

In the course of 2009, Sonera will migrate to wireless telephone services in sparsely-populated areas. The company has actively promoted GSM desktop phones to its customers. The phones can be used similarly to fixed-line phones. Now the company also offers GSM adapters which allow old fixed-line equipment to be used normally in the mobile network.

“The GSM adapter is a device containing a SIM card which enables old fixed phones and most special devices to be used normally. The adapter is connected to mains current and the fixed phone to the adapter. The telephone number changes into a mobile phone number and the area code must be dialled before the actual number”, head of fixed network voice services at TeliaSonera, Eila Rummukainen, explains the upcoming changes. Sonera has tested the GMT 10 GSM adapters and sells them for a monthly charge of €8.30 (24-month periods, €199 in total). GSM adapters are sold for example in Sonera Piste stores around the country.

Special services go wireless
Sonera cooperates with municipalities, security service providers and different organizations in order to make sure that special services function in wireless networks, as these services are usually acquired from a third party. Sonera outsourced its emergency phone services to Esperi Care Oy a few years ago. “Most of today's emergency phone devices and other special service equipment can be used in the mobile network with the GSM adapter. Esperi Care Oy, for example, has already hundreds of customers with an emergency phone that functions in the Sonera mobile network”, Rummukainen says.

Sonera’s customers may also contact The Association for Old Age and Neighbour Service, Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, The Finnish Association of the Deaf, The Finnish Federation of the Hard of Hearing, or The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in order to make sure that their special services can be used. Sonera will not disconnect any fixed subscriber lines with special services before the functionality of the replacement service has been tested in the mobile network.

For further information, please contact:
Vice President Eila Rummukainen, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland, Telecom Services
Telephone number: +358 400 620 120