Sonera becomes the central government’s agreement supplier in managed services for mobile phones and mobile applications

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and Hansel Ltd, the central procurement unit of the State of Finland, have signed an agreement on a framework arrangement for lifecycle and maintenance services related to mobile phones. Based on the agreement, customers can buy services associated with mobile phones and acquire terminal devices as a managed service at a monthly service charge.

The agreement allows the customers in central government to buy services associated with mobile phones, such as mobile email, remote management of mobile phones, information security and encryption. The customers can also acquire terminal devices as a managed service at a monthly service charge. The new arrangement is available to the customers as from the beginning of June.

Apart from the above, Sonera is also the sole framework agreement supplier of voice subscriptions and services for the central government, and a framework agreement supplier of data communications services. This framework agreement supplements and expands the existing framework arrangements, such as the one concerning the selling of mobile phones and accessories published at the end of March. Accordingly, the customers in central government can now buy larger service entities from one and the same supplier.

Sonera was selected as one of the central government’s three agreement suppliers of mobile lifecycle and maintenance services based on a tendering competition that terminated in May.

“Demand for the services covered by the agreement increases in the central government as the technology and the ways of using mobile phones advance,” says Tuukka Salonen, Service Manager at Hansel Ltd.

Surveys show that there are about 70,000 mobile phones in the central government, with an average lifecycle of about two years. The proportion of smart phones is increasing rapidly.

In addition to the management and maintenance services, issues related to information security and encryption have also been given careful consideration in this agreement.

“Surveys show that half of the Finnish business users already use e-mail on their mobile phones. Advanced mobile phones, or smart phones have features increasingly similar to those of laptops. Securing mobile phones and the data on them is more and more important. This agreement enables concentrated release of software updates to the central government’s mobile phones through remote management, for example, and allows data to be restored or removed if a phone is broken or lost,” says Jouni Mustonen, Sales Manager of TeliaSonera.

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