Fixed calls from Finland to Sweden for the price of a long-distance call

As of September, consumer customers subscribing to Sonera’s fixed network services will be able to place international calls to Sweden for the price of a domestic long-distance call. At the same time, Sonera will simplify the pricing scheme for fixed voice traffic by reducing the number of pricing areas in population centres and discontinuing time-based pricing plans.

“We want our Finnish customers to benefit from the fact that TeliaSonera is an international operator. Every fourth of Sonera’s international calls is placed to Sweden. In the future, our home phone customers will see the cost of calling Swedish numbers reduce by up to 40%, says Eila Rummukainen, who is in charge of voice services in the fixed network at Sonera.

New pricing scheme for fixed voice traffic
As of the beginning of September, the local call charge and the local network charge in Sonera’s fixed network is €0.099 per call and €0.0239 per minute, respectively. Calls cost the same regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. “As voice traffic volumes have decreased, there are no longer rush hours, and therefore time-based charges are not needed,” Eila Rummukainen explains.

Long-distance calls, and in the future also international calls, to fixed Swedish TeliaSonera numbers cost €0.066 per minute. The new pricing scheme for voice services was adopted because of cost increases, and it concerns all of the approx. 250,000 consumer customers in Sonera’s fixed network.

Uniform prices for population centres
Mainly in smaller population centres, Sonera simplifies its monthly pricing scheme for fixed voice by reducing the number of different pricing areas. In certain towns, the monthly charges will rise and in others, go down. Sonera has approximately 220,000 home phone customers in population centres. The monthly charge will change in a third of the homes and stay the same in two thirds. Sonera’s fixed-line customers in sparsely populated areas, totalling approximately 30,000, will see no changes in monthly charges.

Further information:
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