Telia develops its mobile broadband offering – includes security package, confidence guarantee and start-up support

Mobile broadband continues to triumph. During the summer months alone, consumer mobile data traffic increased by 550 percent. Because an increasing number of people are using mobile broadband, Telia is expanding its broadband offering by increasing customer security, support and service. Telia is also introducing a confidence guarantee which includes a one-month return policy if surf speed and mobile coverage do not correspond to a level that the customer has a right to expect.

During the year, Swedes have altered their use of mobile broadband in many respects. From having once been a simple way of reading e-mail when out of the office, it has become a natural part of daily life.

“It’s been a real mobile broadband summer and it pleases me to see that more Swedes are taking advantage of mobile broadband flexibility for both work and pleasure. Customer behavior is always the basis for developing our products. We believe that more people will see the advantages of mobile broadband now that we are increasing security, making it easier to get started and introducing a return policy,” says Ulrika Steg, manager of mobile consumer services at TeliaSonera in Sweden.

Confidence guarantee

Our new offering includes secure surfing with antivirus protection and a personal firewall for more secure mobile broadband use. The addition of a family e-mail account (five e-mail addresses) increases accessibility and in-store start-up help is now available. Should errors arise or speed and coverage not correspond to what the customer has a right to expect, the mobile broadband can be returned within 30 days.

Increased use of popular surf zones

During the summer of 2008, surf-zone traffic doubled compared to the previous year. Surf zones are found in locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants, conference venues, streets and city squares throughout Sweden.

Telia’s mobile broadband customers have access to Sweden’s best combined mobile data network with EDGE, Turbo 3G and WLAN surf zones. Currently, EDGE covers approximately 90 percent of Sweden whereas 3G reaches close to nine million inhabitants and Turbo 3G close to seven million. Telia also has Sweden’s largest network of surf zones in more than 1800 locations. Information about Telia’s coverage and planned expansion is available at

Mobile Broadband Fixed Price – Consumer – from 25th of august 2008

Speeds:<7.2 Mbps to mobile terminals <0.384 Mbps from mobile terminals in mobile networks, <54 Mbps in surf zones

Price: SEK 229/month One-time fee SEK 250 No subscription required

USB modem: SEK 1195 without subscription – no charge with 18-month subscription

Security: Secure surfing included (antivirus and firewall)

E-mail: Telia internet e-mail standard. Five e-mail addresses included (starting October 15, 2008)

In-store start-up support: included

Confidence guarantee: 1 month included (see

Additional information for journalists is available from:

TeliaSonera’s Press Office, TeliaSonera AB, 0+46 (0)8-713 58 30