Helpson’s technical support service already available in 150 municipalities

More and more people seek professional assistance in technical problems of the home. The technical support service Helpson is expanding its operations rapidly in different parts of Finland. The first company with good coverage that provides support for technical problems of the home today expands its operations to 60 new municipalities.

In addition to Helpson’s nationwide telephone service, we have nearly a hundred professional installers in over 150 municipalities. Also, Finnish consumers are now increasingly willing to seek professional assistance in technical problems.

“Our goal is to operate in every municipality in Finland by the end of the year. We want to be near, serving our customers flexibly either by telephone or through house calls. A technical support service with nationwide coverage has clearly been in demand,” says Helpson’s Antti Rajala, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing.

Since mid-April, Helpson's telephone support has solved technical problems of Finnish homes at an average rate of 8 a minute, and the number of house calls is showing a constant upward trend.

So far, the most common problems have concerned broadband modems and access. Other problems have included those related to WLAN, email, information security and hardware installations. Customer polls show that 90% of the customers would probably or certainly use the service again and that 95% are prepared to recommend the service to others.

“Government’s recent decision to extend the domestic help credit system to IT services of the home was very welcome. Now our customers can benefit both from the improved nationwide coverage of the service and from tax deductions,” says Rajala.

Consumers increasingly willing to use paid services

“Digitalization and the overall increased number of technical solutions for the home have raised both the need for service and the people’s willingness to seek professional assistance. Traditionally, people have consulted their neighbours or relatives; now they more and more often turn to professionals," says Rajala.

In a study conducted by the National Consumer Research Centre (Tuorila, etc. 2007) about the IT problems of the home, about 90% of the interviewees said they had solved the problem by themselves or turned to a family member or friend. Helena Tuorila, Senior Researcher at the National Consumer Research Centre, says that the need for professional services will continue to grow.

“Although technology is increasingly easy to use, maintenance requires more and more special skills that consumers do not necessarily have. Surveys show that Finnish consumers are increasingly willing to pay for services provided by professionals, if the price-quality ratio is right,” says Tuorila.

“The challenge this poses to service providers is how to attract people to use the services. Consumers may still be a bit suspicious, and it is therefore important to convince them of the good price-quality ratio. Good experiences are the best way of building confidence and making consumers recommend the service to their friends," Tuorila continues.

Further information on Helpson:
Antti Rajala, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, TeliaSonera, Helpson
Telephone: 358 40 539 6900
Helpson is a new, nationwide technical support service assisting in problems related to computers and home electronics. Support services are offered both by telephone and through visits to homes and enterprises. Telephone support is available around the country; as from September 1, home support is provided for population centres of over 150 municipalities. Helpson is part of the TeliaSonera Group.
Helpson Telephone Support is available at 0200 600 600 on business days at 8am–9pm