Sonera’s Competence Pool model will continue

TeliaSonera Finland has decided to continue its Competence Pool model, effective since the beginning of 2006, in 2009 as well. Thanks to the model, the company has been able to avoid dismissals even in situations where jobs have been terminated. At TeliaSonera Finland, an employee whose job is terminated is transferred to the Competence Pool, a unit providing employees with training and on-the-job training positions as well as an opportunity to seek jobs for a longer time than the regular period of notice.

The continuation of the Competence Pool was decided after negotiations conducted with employee representatives. The model will continue to be based on the principle that no-one is dismissed even if his or her job is terminated after the employer/employee cooperation procedure. The need to continue the model further will be re-assessed in spring 2009.
“The protection provided for the personnel in change situations by the Competence Pool is significantly better than the statutory level. However, investing in our personnel is a reasonable choice, as it enables us to deal with the structural change in our sector and aim at a competitive cost level in a responsible way,” explains Vice President of Human Resources Juha Pentti from TeliaSonera.

Coaching, trainee positions, and training

Apart from permanent and temporary positions, the employees transferred to the Competence Pool are offered on-the-job training, coaching, and mentoring. What’s more, there is training tailored specifically for the needs of the Competence Pool, offering a range of options from data systems and project management to language courses. One option which has proved popular is entrepreneurship training, organised in cooperation with the employment authorities.

If a person in the Competence Pool accepts a permanent job offered to him or her within the first month, he or she will be awarded one week of paid holiday for acting fast. If, in spite of all, an employee fails to find a new job while at the Competence Pool or voluntarily chooses to enter the open labour market, he or she can be paid a one-off compensation depending on the duration of the employment.
In feedback surveys, 89% of the employees transferred to the Competence Pool in 2008 graded the performance of the Competence Pool as either good or excellent.

Further information: TeliaSonera Finland Vice President of Human Resources Juha Pentti, tel. +358-40-5074668,