Sonera unveils a service increasing social networking in companies

According to a survey conducted by TNS Gallup and commissioned by Sonera, companies are already to some extent capitalising on the opportunities provided by unified communication when doing business. Unified communication refers to a situation in which a company and its employees adopt a wide range of modern, complementary communications services to suit their needs. According to the survey, the most popular functionalities are electronic calendars, phone directories and teamwork tools, which make working more efficient and manageable for the employees.

“At present, companies strive to gain efficiency and cost savings even with secure communications solutions. Irrespective of the size and business sector, companies need both internal and external teamwork tools to cope with today’s network-driven world. To meet this need, Sonera offers the Sonera Team Center service, which supplements the familiar e-mail services,” says Juha Sutinen, head of Sonera’s SME Services.

Sonera Team Center is a versatile tool for efficient communications, project management, and maintenance of up-to-date information. With no need for expensive software or hardware investments, Team Center provides the company with a single location for documents and other information to be used in projects, collaboration with external partners, etc. The material is managed and maintained in one location, and thus everyone has access to updated material at all times. Team Center also offers a bulletin board, which shows calendar entries and current issues to all of the company’s personnel.

Team Center significantly rationalises and complements e-mail.
“People often keep important messages and attachments in their personal inboxes. It is difficult to find messages, attachment files may block the inbox, and in some cases large e-mail attachments cannot even be sent. Long chains of e-mail messages may sometimes be difficult to understand, since many people comment on them at different times, and the chain is not created in a chronological or logical order,” Juha Sutinen comments on the common problems.

“These kinds of tools and other software have previously been mainly available to large enterprises only, since the functionalities have required that the company purchase software, licences and servers that need IT experts capable of maintaining and managing them. Sonera now offers these efficiency-improving services with easy access and at an affordable fixed monthly charge. The same survey suggests that smaller companies, in particular, find it natural to acquire services from the supplier that provides the rest of the telecommunications services as well,” Senior Product Manager Mikaela Suomalainen sums up.

Sonera Team Center complements the unified communication portfolio which is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises and which also includes Sonera Hosted Mail.

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