New 24/7 service website for Sonera’s broadband customers

Sonera has launched a new service website for its broadband customers at All the most common service needs can be attended to on the website, including broadband moving notices, rate increases, new broadband connection subscritions, or acquiring additional time to settle an invoice. The site additionally has an Advice and Tips wikipedia, discussion and questions forum, as well as a topical blog. The service hours and terms of the personal phone service offered to the customers remain unchanged.

The new self-service site allows customers to take care of their most common service needs relating to broadband 24 hours a day each day of the year. If self-service does not provide an answer, it is possible to file a service request on the website, which will be implemented through the service immediately or it will be answered by a text message, e-mail, or personal call on the next weekday, at the latest.

A broadband-related Advice and Tips wikipedia has also been compiled on the website, providing answers to the most typical broadband problems as well as user and installation instructions for broadband services and the associated equipment, such as computers, modems, and TVs. The site also has a discussion and questions forum, open to everyone. Specialists from Sonera’s customer service answer forum questions on weekdays. The forum is open to discussions between the customers, too.

Sonera has centred major focus on the customer service of broadband customers by rationalizing operations and, for example, by introducing a call-back service to the service for the peak hours. As a result of these measures, the answering times at the customers’ phone services have seen notable improvement. In early 2008, the average answering time at the broadband customer's customer service was 8.5 minutes, but just over one minute in February, 2009. The goal is to further improve service ability, which means that customers receive service without queuing in normal situations. Broadband Customer Service receives approximately 3 500 – 4 000 calls each day.

According to Juha-Pekka Weckström, in charge of Sonera’s broadband operations, the purpose of the website is to improve customer service in the most common cases and to provide service at exactly the time that the customers want it. "I firmly believe that the modern self-service website lowers the number of calls to Customer Service, which means that the customers who require personal service can have it without the need to queue.”