Sonera BackUp secures important personal material

In cooperation with F-Secure, Sonera unveils Sonera BackUp, a service for making backup copies of the user’s personal information, e.g. digital photos, videos, music, and documents. The new service protects holiday photos from viruses or from being lost when the user changes their computer.

According to a recent Trend Survey conducted by Sonera, 75% of Finns keep photos, audio files, and video clips of which no backup copies exist on their computer.

Sonera BackUp provides all consumers, not just customers of Sonera, with unlimited backup storage space, available on a secure web server through a protected connection. The service is user-friendly and automatic, and the users need not do anything themselves, not even specify when backups should be made. If the user deletes files from the computer, the BackUp service will store these files for 30 days, from where they can be restored back to the user’s own computer.

“Today’s consumers gather up loads of invaluable digital material on their computer, and keeping it secure requires an easy-to-use solution. In addition to unlimited storage space and automatic backups, Sonera BackUp provides a convenient image archiving service. This means that consumers can log onto the web portal of the service via, say, a friend’s computer connected to the Internet to share their photos or save them on that computer. After they have logged out of the service, the images are no longer accessible,” explains Director Juha Tontti from TeliaSonera.

“Backup copying is based on F-Secure’s unique expertise on consumer solutions. What we get as a result is an intelligent service making backup copying of personal files easier, more secure, and, above all, more reasonable. Web-based storage provides better protection against hardware failures or accidents,” concludes Country Manager Finland Ilkka Ranta from F-Secure.

For further information journalists can contact:
Director Juha Tontti, +358(0)400608225