Sonera to boost economic recovery by promoting Finnish companies' e-business practices

Sonera takes part in the recovery programme for communications and network business launched by Ms Suvi Lindén, Minister of Communications in Finland. Being the number one provider of communications services for companies, Sonera wants to support and encourage Finnish enterprises in the use of electronic services.

Sonera has long been an active builder and forerunner of Finnish information society. Electronic invoicing and video conferencing have recently made their breakthrough, and broadband – fixed or wireless – has spread throughout Finland.

“We are very much involved in Minister Lindén’s recovery programme for communications and network business. With our services and national sales organization we support companies of all sizes, encouraging and motivating them to use tools for electronic business and transactions”, says Juha-Pekka Weckström, Senior Vice President of Broadband Services Finland.

Switching to electronic invoicing is a trend that simplifies payment traffic and improves its accuracy. Reduced usage of paper also saves the environment. Sonera, which sends out the largest number of bills in Finland, already sends out three million electronic invoices a year.

The business’s economic and ethical interests also combine in video conferencing. Conferencing services add communications between employees working in different towns and improve the efficiency of working practices. Video and conferecing services saved TeliaSonera 1.2 million euros in travel costs last year.

Further, reachability and better time management generate major cost savings to companies. Sonera provides companies with diverse reachability solutions, such as email and calendar on the mobile phone, and teleworking services. The My Sonera for Companies service entity allows SMEs to select mobile phones and subscriptions, computers, broadband connections and supplementary services that meet each employee’s particular needs and combine them into just the kind of service entity the company wants.

As part of the recovery programme for communications and network business, Sonera will make offers to companies during the spring about several of its services that improve productivity, and it will come and meet companies around Finland in connection with the recovery roadshow.
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