Sonera Music Player brings 4 million music tracks to your PC and mobile phone

The Music Player service makes a constantly updated selection of 4 million music tracks available to the user at a monthly charge. The users can listen to the downloaded music on their computers and mobile phones.

Sonera Music Player makes it easy and affordable to buy and listen to music. At a monthly charge, the customer gains access to a music library comprising 4 million music tracks, including the most extensive selection of Finnish music on the market.

According to Sonera’s trend survey, as many as 30 per cent of the people in Finland listen to music on their home computers. While on the move, 25 per cent of the Finns use either a mobile phone or an MP3 player. In the age group of 18 to 25, people use the computer and mobile devices twice as often.

“In practice, Music Player makes an unlimited amount of music available to our customers. The customers can download music and listen to it whenever and wherever they want, either on the computer or the mobile phone. This is both simple and legal, as all copyrights are respected”, says Pasi Mehtonen, Vice President of Mobility Services at Sonera.

In order to be able to listen to music, the user needs Music Player software. The software is ordered by SMS and downloaded and installed on the mobile phone or PC. As you can download the music tracks of your choice onto three PCs and one mobile phone, the music is easy to take with you wherever you go.

The charge for the service is €9.90/month, and the service requires a Sonera mobile subscription. The customer can test the service free of charge for a period of 60 days.

The music tracks downloadable at the monthly charge are copy-protected, but the customers can also buy music at €0.99/track or €9.90/album.

For more information, journalists can contact:

Vice President Pasi Mehtonen, Commercial Customer Management, Mobility Services Finland
Telephone: 040 717 1370