The Swedish Hockey League signs media distribution service including Web-TV agreement with TeliaSonera

TeliaSonera International Carrier has signed a deal with the Swedish Hockey League, organizer of the top hockey league "Elitserien" to deliver and launch a new media distribution service consisting of a unique content publishing platform for Web-TV.

TeliaSonera International Carrier will provide the technical platform that makes it possible for all hockey clubs in Sweden to access TeliaSonera International Carrier total range of media portfolio.
“We are very confident that with the combination of the TeliaSonera International Carrier global media network and our publishing platform we will offer the Swedish Hockey League a wide range of portfolio of services comprising live streaming, download, video-on-demand and secure storage” says Malin Frenning, President of TeliaSonera International Carrier.
The publishing platform service is complementary to TeliaSonera International Carrier’s fibre based contribution network designed for the transport of real-time, broadcast quality video content. The ambition is to expand globally not only including the Swedish clubs but also the international ones.
“Broadband video is growing fast and more companies, organizations and end–users publish video content on the Internet. Our solutions make it easy for anyone to publish broadband video. Thanks to our platform and infrastructure it is now possible for the Swedish hockey clubs and their supporters to communicate with each other, in a way that has not been possible before”, says Malin Frenning.
“The hockey clubs in Sweden are already on the forefront of web–TV and with this agreement we can continue to develop both nationally and internationally and offer our hockey fans high quality entertainment from Elitserien”, says Erik Strandmark, responsible for media rights at Svenska Hockeyligan.