TeliaSonera provides Schenker AB with 4G and cloud services

DB Schenker has chosen TeliaSonera as its full-range communications services provider. DB Schenker is also upgrading all mobile broadband subscriptions in a deal that could be the world's largest 4G-order to date.

“As we were changing provider we decided to go for 4G because TeliaSonera has taken the lead in this development. 4G offers completely new possibilities for our employees and our operations,” says Stig Broberg, Deputy CIO of Schenker AB.

“DB Schenker is probably the world's first company to carry out an initiative of this sort. This is the starting shot for 4G in the business market,” says Torbjörn Chami, Head of Sales, TeliaSonera Business Services.

In addition to 4G, the contracts include Cisco Managed Voice, which means that Schenker will move a large part of its communications to the cloud (*). The contracts also include WAN DataNet, Managed LAN, Contactcenter Callguide and the VPN service TeliaSonera Secure Remote User, which enables remote access for Schenker's mobile personnel and partners. The contracts run for three years and are valued at approximately SEK 50 million.

“4G enables new types of real-time communications with the mobile network as the platform for cloud services. Services which used to require a fixed connection can now be used anywhere, regardless of location, “ says Torbjörn Chami.

TeliaSonera’s 4G network offers practical speeds that are up to ten times higher than the speeds possible in the previous generation mobile network. By year-end, TeliaSonera's 4G network will be available in 28 cities in Sweden, and during 2011 an additional 200 cities will have 4G.


* In March 2010, TeliaSonera and Cisco launched the Business Class Cloud Services co-operation to market and sell the next generation of cloud services to business customers. The co-operation currently includes Managed Voice and virtual meeting services. According to estimates made by TeliaSonera and Cisco, the Swedish market for cloud services for businesses will generate sales in the range of SEK 10 billion by 2012.