The World’s First 4G Network Turns One Year-          TeliaSonera the leading global 4G operator

Exactly one year ago, TeliaSonera launched the world’s first 4G network in Sweden and Norway. Today, TeliaSonera is the world’s leading 4G operator following recent launches in Finland and Denmark. At the time of the first anniversary, the Group is now offering commercial 4G services in 4 countries and running pilot networks in 4 additional countries, pending 4G licenses. Pioneering users have tapped into the increased media consumption possibilities offered by the new 4G network.

“We’re proud to have premiered 4G last year and are delighted over the pace of the extensive roll-out this year, having taken the services to a number of cities in Sweden and Norway as well as to both Finland and Denmark. Customers are weaving real-time services into their mobile behavior and are at the same time expecting more of their fixed networks in home and office settings. TeliaSonera will continue to provide the best Internet access through a combination of mobile and fixed broadband services,” says Håkan Dahlström, President of Business Area Mobility Services.

TeliaSonera’s mobile data traffic has increased tenfold since 2005 and the data traffic continues to increase. When TeliaSonera recently surveyed the world's first 4G users, many respondents reported dramatic changes to their media consumption habits. About 23 percent watch more online TV and 28 percent say they increasingly listen to web radio and music services like Spotify. The survey also shows a change in the consumption of Internet services; for example, more than 46 percent now surf the web more frequently when away from home and 12 percent play more online games.

On December 14, 2009, TeliaSonera became the world’s first operator to commercially launch next generation mobile broadband, deploying 4G networks in Stockholm and Oslo. By the end of this month, 4G will be deployed in 28 Swedish cities and ski resorts as well as in four Norwegian cities.

TeliaSonera this year also became the first 4G operator in Denmark after the recent launch in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg on December 9. The company was also the first operator in Finland with 4G in Helsinki and Turku launched on November 30.

TeliaSonera’s subsidiaries in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Uzbekistan have launched 4G pilot networks.

According to LTE maps ( commercial 4G networks are currently available in ten countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and the United States. TeliaSonera operates commercial 4G networks in four of these countries, a pilot network in Uzbekistan as well as pilot networks in three additional countries in the Baltic region.

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For facts about TeliaSonera's 4G network see separate Fact sheet in pdf.