TeliaSonera - Most Valuable brand at Helsinki Stock Exchange 2011

TeliaSonera was awarded the most valuable OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange brand in Finland, ahead of Nokia. The results were revealed on 14th of September at a brand seminar held by BrandWorxx.
For the first time in Finland, BrandWorxx Oy has conducted a survey of the monetary brand value of the companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The most valuable Helsinki Stock Exchange brand (8407 M€) is TeliaSonera. Nokia placed second (7955 M€) in the evaluation and Nordea Bank third (5156 M€).
Evaluation of brand value by ISO Standard
Brands of the companies listed on the Helsinki stock exchange were evaluated by their value and significance to the business. All companies that are quoted on Helsinki Stock Market were included in the study and 50 most valuable of them were revealed to the public. For the first time in Finland the evaluation was conducted according to ISO standard which holds three basic elements for brand evaluation: financial, behavioral and juridical.

“Market changes have affected Nokia’s position in the ranking. Its competitors have been more successful in forecasting and reacting to consumers' needs and likings. This has also contributed to Nokia’s fall from the number one position in the ranking,” says Jukka Vaittinen, Market Analyst of BrandWorxx.

According to Vaittinen, high cash flow contributed to TeliaSonera’s success in the survey. “TeliaSonera has invested heavily in being a pioneer and has created a positive company image by launching new solutions. Another indication of TeliaSonera’s strength is that the company has gained a foothold in the growing market of Eastern Europe.”

 “We are thrilled and delighted about the results of the survey, conducted only a few months after the launch of our new common brand identity,” sais Thomas Jönsson, Vice President, Head of External Communications, TeliaSonera.

“This is also recognition to the long lasting and persistent work that built our strong local brands, like Sonera in Finland, now united in one brand family. Our brand reflects the company’s international strength and strong local connection, as well as the heritage as one of the true pioneers of the telecom industry,” concludes Thomas Jönsson.