No grounds for TeliaSonera’s corruption allegations

The corruption allegations directed at TeliaSonera are unfounded. The information, regarding the authorities' inappropriate allocation of frequencies and licenses in Uzbekistan, is wrong. Today, the Stockholm District Court dismissed the public prosecutor's additional claim for an embargo on the , SEK 1.8 billion associated to serious bribery. Furthermore, we have received a response from the Uzbek authorities confirming that all matters in conjunction with the allocation of frequencies and licenses was done appropriately. We have provided the Director of Public Prosecution Gunnar Stetler and Mannheimer Swartling with this information today.

Two investigations have been ongoing for some time regarding TeliaSonera's setting up of its business in Uzbekistan. Director of Public Prosecution Gunnar Stetler is in charge of a preliminary investigation, and we are naturally cooperating and providing all of the requested information. Under the supervision of lawyer Biörn Riese, Mannheimer Swartling law firm is conducting an investigation, initiated by TeliaSonera. Two of TeliaSonera's employees have been questioned in conjunction with the preliminary investigation and are suspected of criminal activity, in their capacity as representatives of the company; both individuals and the company deny the allegations.

A thorough investigation of the company's establishment in Uzbekistan is of utmost importance to TeliaSonera. Until the investigation is complete, the company's management and employees are being forced to live with unfounded allegations of crime.

TeliaSonera has described its investments in Uzbekistan in detail for the public prosecutor and the Police, as well as for Mannheimer Swartling, including, for example, the negotiations that have taken place, which individuals have been involved and which agreements have been signed. TeliaSonera's management is convinced that the continued legal procedures will show that suspicions of criminal activity are unfounded. Nothing has emerged thus far changes this assessment.