Statement regarding questions about Uzbekistan

The Swedish TV program Uppdrag Granskning has asked TeliaSonera for interviews regarding our operations in Uzbekistan. We have declined to participate and would like to clarify why.

There are two on-going independent investigations around TeliaSonera's investment in Uzbekistan. Gunnar Stetler, public prosecutor, has initiated an investigation. At the same time, and at TeliaSonera's initiative, the law firm Mannheimer Swartling under the leadership of Björn Riese, Managing partner, investigates the investment in Uzbekistan.

TeliaSonera has provided detailed information to the police, prosecutor and Mannheimer Swartling regarding the investment, including which negotiations have taken place, who has been involved and which agreements have been signed. Therefore, TeliaSonera has chosen not to participate in media interviews, or comment on details, before the Mannheimer Swartling review has been presented.

TeliaSonera has asked Uppdrag granskning to submit any material that may be useful in the investigations to TeliaSonera, the prosecutor and Mannheimer Swartling.

For TeliaSonera, a thorough investigation of the investment in Uzbekistan is of utmost importance. Until this has been completed, the company's management and employees have to live with unsubstantiated allegations.