TeliaSonera is the most valuable brand on the stock exchange in Finland

According to the survey, the second most valuable brand was Nordea (EUR 5387 million) and the third most valuable brand was Nokia (EUR 5129 million).

TeliaSonera’s global presence and local operations have had an impact on the high value of its corporate brand. The company operates on many markets, adapting its operations to the local market,” says Marketing Analyst Jukka Vaittinen of Brandworxx.

”Receiving this award shows on its part that we are doing the right things. As an international company, we have a global strategy, but wherever we operate, we act as a strong local company. Our services form a major part of people’s daily lives, and we are very focused in our efforts to ensure excellent customer experience,” says Robert Andersson, President and CEO of TeliaSonera Finland

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