Constant queue to the surf pad in the family!

No mummy, you have to wait ‘til I’m ready! This is a common cry in some families nowadays when all family members queue up for the surf pad. It is the children who are in control of the surf pad and the parents have to wait for their turn.

In families with children there is always a queue to use the surf pad. In 43 percent of the families, the children are in control of the surf pad and the parents need to wait for their turn.

“When I grew up we had a queue to the fixed telephone and now we are lining up for surf pads,” says Kennet Rådne, Head of Innovation and Portfolio Strategy at Mobility Services, TeliaSonera. ”The attraction to the surf pad though, extends beyond the home into the car, the summer house, the caravan, anywhere you like!”

The usage of mobile devices such as mobile phones, surf pads and other connected gadgets has increased during the last couple of years. The numbers of mobile devices per family is constantly increasing.

“A family has on average 3.3 mobile phone subscriptions”, says Kennet Rådne. “We estimate that in five years, an average smartphone user will use ten times more data than today to surf, update social networks and watch TV,” continues Kennet Rådne. “Everyone takes it for granted to be connected anywhere and anytime!”