TeliaSonera first in Europe with new subscription that shares data

TeliaSonera’s Swedish operator Telia is first in Europe to launch a subscription that enables customers, like families, to connect all of their mobile devices to one subscription and to share the included data bucket among them.

The new subscription Telia Mobil Dela (Telia Mobile Share) launched by Telia in Sweden makes it possible for customers to connect all of their smartphones, surf tablets and other mobile devices to one mobile subscription. The customer, say a family, pays a fixed monthly fee for the main subscription, which includes a data bucket and unlimited calls, sms and mms. They can then easily add additional devices at a lower monthly price. They also share the subscription’s data bucket among the connected devices, enabling them to use the bucket efficiently. The data bucket can easily be adjusted up or down from one month to the next. Furthermore, customers achieve better overview and control of subscription costs, thanks to one invoice for the entire subscription and all connected devices.

More than two thirds of all Swedes have a smartphone. One of five uses surf tablets. Swedish families therefore have a lot of devices and on average more than three mobile subscriptions to manage.

“Telia Mobil Dela is a subscription Swedish families have been waiting for. It is a simple, price worthy and flexible solution. One subscription for all gadgets, with one invoice. Families have unlimited calls and they can use the data bucket much more efficiently by sharing it among family members’ devices. They can also easily change the bucket size and add more gadgets if they want to”, says Ulrika Steg, Head of Mobility Services Sweden at TeliaSonera.

Access to Telia’s 4G network is included in the subscription.

How it works

  • Unlimited calls, sms and mms included in the subscription

  • Choose data bucket size to be included in subscription – from 2GB to 10 GB

  • Adjust data bucket size from one month to another

  • Main subscription starts at SEK 399 including 2GB of data and unlimited calls, sms and mms

  • Connect up to seven devices to the main subscription. Choose from connecting mobile phones from SEK 149 and other devices like surf tablets, routers and modems from SEK 29.

  • Achieve better overview and control of subscription costs, thanks to one invoice for the entire subscription and all connected devices.

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