TeliaSonera boosts capacity for European network traffic hub

TeliaSonera will lay down more than a thousand kilometers of new fiber cable through the north of Sweden to boost capacity for its long-haul network in the region, a popular site for datacenters carrying network traffic bound for the rest of Europe on behalf of global internet companies.

The new fiber cable called Skanova Backbone North will be part of TeliaSonera’s long-haul network and will be built by its subsidiary Skanova. When finished it will run across 1 250 kilometers of inland terrain through middle and northern Sweden, ending up in the city of Luleå. Because of its cold climate and access to clean and stable energy, the region, which is located just south of the Arctic Circle, has become an increasingly popular site to build datacenters with large server farms in need of cost effective and sustainable cooling.

Skanova Backbone North will transport huge amounts of network data traffic to and from the region’s local fiber- and mobile networks, complementing existing fiber cables along the coast line of northern Sweden and through Finland.

“We are now investing around EUR 40 million in our Swedish long-haul network, extending the backbone of internet infrastructure in Europe. The new fiber cable, more than a thousand kilometers long, will add vital capacity and improve redundancy for network traffic generated by the region’s data centers en route to the continent”, says Malin Frenning, Executive Vice President and Head of TeliaSonera Sweden.

Mrs. Frenning continues: “We believe this investment is essential to our customers in the global online industry that trusts us to provide a reliable connection for its internet traffic to ensure the end user experience.”

The investment is expected to benefit the flourishing ICT-industry in the northern region of Sweden and especially the city of Luleå, where several data centers are located. The cable will also enable further role out of local fiber and mobile networks along its route.

About Skanova
As part of the TeliaSonera Sweden, Skanova provides infrastructure services, such as unrefined copper and fiber-based capacity products. Skanova is the leading infrastructure company in Sweden and operates independently with a transparency based on the concept of equal treatment. This means that infrastructure services are sold on the same commercial terms to both TeliaSonera's own end-customer business in Sweden and to other operators.

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