Telia Company launches crowd movement insights service to boost city life

One of the world’s most connected and digitalized regions is about to become even smarter as Telia Company is launching a new service, City Vitality Insights. This will help cities across the Nordic and Baltics to improve the urban experience for both locals and visitors while providing an accurate way to measure the impact of city planning decisions.

Cities across the Nordics and Baltics all strive to be the best place to live and work for their citizens. But many cities lack the detailed insights needed to make the most of their investments in infrastructure, services, events etc. This is where Telia City Vitality Insights (CVI) comes into play. CVI uses anonymized and aggregated mobility data from the Telia Company Network to measure and show crowd movement patterns in different parts of a city. This allows cities to quantify the impact of events and enables data-driven and sustainable city development decisions. By using these kinds of insights, cities will make better use of their resources and are able to measure the impact on city investments, making sure the they develop in a way that meet actual needs.
“This makes the whole concept of the Smart City come alive for real as the city now actually starts to understand its citizens. When analysing this data we can provide completely new insights that city planners, decision makers, event organizers and others can translate into actions and measures that actually make the city better, smoother and greener,” says Kristofer Ågren, Head of Data Insights, Telia Company Division X.
City Vitality Insights is a subscription-based service that is currently being rolled out in phases across the Nordic and Baltic countries.
In Finland, some cities have already started using CVI whereas cities in Norway and Sweden will be able to start using the service later this spring. In this first release of CVI, cities will be able to feel the pulse of their city and take advantage of insights related to city planning, tourism development and event impact.
The service is based on anonymized and aggregated mobility data automated from Telia Company’s mobile network. Only grouped movement patterns are used, and the
data is irreversibly anonymized which means individuals cannot be identified as all personal information is removed. 
City Vitality Insights is part of Telia Company’s portfolio of Location Insights, and marks the first of several packaged offerings centered around improving life in and around cities.
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