163 years and counting

From Kongl. Elecktriska Telegraf-Werket to Telia Company. We’ve been around since before the American Civil War and the birth of Albert Einstein. During these 163 years, not only technology has evolved but also our name and brand. Take a trip down memory lane!

1853 – 1871:

Kongl. Elecktriska Telegraf-Werket The Royal Electrical Telegraph Administration is established in Sweden on November 1. This date marks the birth of telecoms in Sweden.

1871-1902: Kongl. Telegrafverket

By the 1870ies, electricity is widespread and presumably no longer an USP… It’s removed from the brand name.

1903 – 1945: Kungl. Telegrafverket

A slight spelling update – from Kongl. To Kungl. Probably very hip and a bold brand move at the time.

1946-1953: Telegrafverket

Royal is dropped as part of the general democratization movement.

1953-1993: Televerket

By now telephony has disrupted the telecoms market and is customers’ preferred way of communicating. Consequently, “graf” has to go.


Telia in 1993, Televerket is incorporated. The independent and the commercial company Telia is born.

2000: Telia (with the dots)

To mark the public listing a new brand is introduced. The dots are sometimes referred to as the “coffee stains”. A few years later the dots have to go.

  2002: TeliaSonera

The merger between Telia and Sonera requires a new name for the Group. TeliaSonera is born.

2011: TeliaSonera goes purple

The purple makeover.

2016: Enter the Pebble

The new design is introduced, starting in Estonia.

12 April 2016: Hello, Telia Company!