Danes are paying for bigger TV packages than they need

The Danes are becoming more selective when it comes to TV products. A survey from Telia in Denmark and YouGov shows that many are tired of paying for channels they never watch.

The future should be both cheaper and more flexible, says Telia Denmark Country Head of Consumer, Christoph Nørgaard.

2.506 Danes answered the survey. Half of them pay for 5-24 channels in their TV package that they never watch. The feeling of wasting money on big TV packages is strongest amongst the busy 31-49 year-olds.

The teenagers also express needs that are not at all met by the large, general TV packages. As many as 18 % of the 15-19 year-olds have more than 25 channels that they never watch. And what the young people are saying reflects the future that a telco-provider must navigate in.

-    That´s why we´re going for smaller and cheaper entry packages, working on all platforms, and combining these with the option for single-channel purchase. It is important that we can include streaming services like HBO, pay-per-view events and YouTube. You should be able to see sport events in the summer house, series on the go, and movies on your big screen via Chromecast or AirPlay. This way the customers get individual solutions, flexibility and freedom they´re looking for, says Christoph Nørgaard is Country Head of Consumer in Telia Denmark.

In the Nordics in general, customers are increasingly demanding more flexible TV-packages. 

-    Instead of only watching linear channels, the customers are asking for more content that they can watch on demand and on all screens This trend is visible in the fact that more and more of our customers use our OTT-service, and also that our customers to an increasing extent complement their linear channels with one of our SVOD-libraries like HBO or CMore, says Johanna Berlinde, Head of TV & Media.