Mobile + ID = a great idea

Gone digital: 99% of bank transfers, 98% of prescribed medicines and 95% of tax returns. Mobile-ID has made it big in Estonia - and it’s all thanks to Telia Eesti. This is a digitalization story worth sharing.

Estonia has made a name for itself as one of the world's most digitalized and ICT-advanced countries. To date, Estonia has provided a model to more than 40 countries in developing public e-Solutions. The Mobile-ID, invented by Telia Eesti predecessor EMT, is considered to be key to the country’s digitalization success.

- We’ve been using Mobile-ID for almost 10 years now and today it’s integrated in almost all fields of business and society. It has changed the whole perspective of transactions and taken digital business to completely new levels, says Tambet Silla, Head of International Business Development at Telia Eesti.

Mobile-ID allows users to log in to e-services and information portals and give digital signatures. It’s the most widely used solution of its kind around the world.

Banking and voting

Today, 99% of Estonian bank transfers are digital, 98% of medicines are prescribed electronically, 95% of tax returns are filled in digitally, and 85% of students, teachers and parents are using a common e-school system to access grades and curricula. A company can be registered in just 15 minutes and e-votes can be casted from any part of the world, as it was in 2015, when Estonians e-voted from 116 different countries.

Key to success and uptake? The ease of use.

- All you needed is a mobile phone and PIN codes to operate with the digital identity. It also provides for a single sign-on solution which means that you don’t have to keep track of different usernames and password. Last but not least - it’s secure,  there are no password databases to hack or breach, because the ID always travels with the user and is not stored in a remote database, says Tambet.

200 million in savings

Beyond features such as convenience, time saving and security, Mobile-ID is also a cost saver. An incredible EUR 200 million has been saved on unused paper in Estonia since the launch of Mobile-ID.