Digitalization is fundamentally changing most facets of life and is a key factor in positive societal development and sustainable economic growth. At the same time, there are risks and legitimate concerns related to the negative impacts of digitalization. We acknowledge our responsibility to both understand and manage these impacts and to be fully transparent and accountable, highlighting our successes but also when we are not meeting expectations.

Digital impact – our approach to sustainability

Our sustainability approach - Digital impact - is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the purpose of making sure business strategy and activities such as innovation contribute to the SDGs.

Through Digital impact we:

  • Understand and actively communicate our environmental and social impact
  • Execute on the opportunities to create positive impact and reduce negative impact
  • Enable our customers to act on their impact
  • Engage employees by providing opportunities to contribute


Digital impact is founded on two elements

Shared value creation is integrated in the business strategy by addressing societal and environmental challenges while creating business value.

Responsible business focuses on minimizing the negative impact and acting in a responsible and ethical way.

Our commitments

Telia Company is committed to a number of international guidelines on human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption and environmental responsibility. These include:

  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • The UN Global Compact
  • The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • The Children’s Rights and Business Principles

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with key stakeholders that directly or indirectly impact or are impacted by our business is imperative for insight in how to best navigate our business long-term.

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How we engage Key topics Our response

Stores and other sales channels

Customer service channels

Social media

Local websites and newsletters

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and brand tracker surveys

Network quality and coverage

Value for money – pricing and data

Reachability and easy to deal with

Keeping our promise and support onservice and delivery

Privacy and security of personal data

Ensuring high speed access in rural areas

Acting socially responsible

Continued high speed access roll-out

Ensuring a responsible technology transition in rural areas through mobile access and fiber

Simplifying offerings and price plans

Value-added services and bundling such as TV and media, family plans and roaming

Increased focus on customer experience and centricity

Follow-up to identify and correct where we fail the customer promise

Giving customers better understanding and control over their personal data


Business customers
How we engage Key topics Our response

 Stores and other sales channels

Customer service channels

Account manager dialogue

Seminars and events

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and brand tracker surveys

Local websites and newsletters

Social media

High network quality and service availability

Strengthening our offering in strategic areas such as Internet of Things and Cloud

Telia Company as an ethical, sustainable supplier and partner

Simplifying customers' work by providing personal and comprehensive offerings

Continued roll-out of high speed network access and cloud services

Acquiring companies such as Fältcom in Sweden and Nebula in Finland

ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification

Further efforts to make customer interaction more personal


How we engage Key topics Our response

Purple Voice employee survey

YouFirst employee/manager approach

YOUNITE employee volunteering program

Local and corporate intranets

Employer/worker dialog

Increased focus on sustainability (engaging employees, code awareness)

Strengthening customer focus and cross-functional collaboration

Purple Voice results and subsequent action plans

Employee volunteering

The effects of major organizational changes

Ensuring work-life balance

Shifting focus from safety to well-being

Continued efforts to increase collaboration

YOUNITE employee volunteering program where employees engage in quests for digitalization

OHSAS 18001 management system certification to strengthen our health, safety and well-being work


How we engage Key topics Our response

Annual General Meeting

Quarterly report press and analyst conferences

Investor meetings

Financial performance, cash flow generation and leverage

CAPEX levels going forward

New revenue streams and growth possibilities in core markets

Market consolidation

Region Eurasia divestment timeline

Continuous divestment of companies and assets not part of the core strategy

Strategic acquisitions such as Phonero in Norway and Nebula in Finland


How we engage Key topics Our response

Contract engagements

Strategic supplier meetings

Supplier due diligence and audits

Developing a new model for supplier engagement, focusing on strategic and critical suppliers

Supplier base consolidation

Improve common ways of working in sourcing throughout the group

Align sourcing with the rest of the business structure

Defined supplier engagement and performance management model

Roll-out of the supplier due diligence platform

Common supplier documentation database


How we engage Key topics Our response

ICT industry organizations

Seminars and conferences

Public presentations and town hall meetings

Bilateral meetings with policy makers

Digital resilience to ensure vital societal functions and national security

Strengthening privacy and cyber-security

Digitalization’s impacts on societal development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Future-proof networks with the aspiration to create “gigabit societies”

Removed roaming fees in the EU and beyond

Spectrum allocation to ensure future network capacity

Children and young people as internet citizens

Participation in public discussion on business ethics and our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reporting on government requests, local legislation and law enforcement statistics

New services meeting increasingly strict security demands

Partnerships and initiatives such as Children's Advisory Panel to improve our and the industry's awareness of and efforts to create a safe, friendly internet experience

Live 5G trials in commercial use cases

Whistleblowing and Speak-Up line

The Speak-Up Line is our web portal for whistle-blowing. Here you can anonymously report violations of Human Rights, breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or any other kind misconduct.

Sustainability governance

Sustainability data