At Telia Company we constantly reinvent what better connected lives, businesses, cities and societies look like. We provide the backbone of the digital society – connectivity – as well as innovative solutions that are vital in creating a better future. Digitalization is a catalyst for innovation and can pave the way for reducing inequalities and managing natural resources in a sustainable way. We are committed to capture such opportunities while managing risks in a responsible way.

Telia Company is committed to turning the 2020s into a decade of accelerated action by making significant contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our sustainability approach and agenda have been thoroughly integrated into our business strategy. Climate & Circularity, Digital Inclusion and Privacy & Security are the key impact areas we are focusing on to truly make a difference, while our full sustainability agenda covers a broader set of topics that are material to both Telia Company and the customers and societies that we serve.

To maximize our positive impact and minimize risks we have built a strong foundation to ensure accountability, an ethical and rights-respecting culture and trust. This work covers a number of areas such as Anti-bribery and Corruption, Human Rights including Children’s rights and Freedom of expression, Employee diversity, and Health and well-being.

More detailed information about our work is available in our Annual and Sustainability Report and other reports.



Whistleblowing and Speak-Up line

The Speak-Up Line is our web portal for whistle-blowing. Here you can anonymously report violations of Human Rights, breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or any other kind misconduct.