Telecommunications is a central part of many people’s lives and a key factor in societal development and sustainable economic growth. For Telia Company, this brings responsibility beyond providing high quality products and services.

ALL IN - Shared value creation

Connecting the unconnected Ett hälsosamt och säkert samhälle Utbildning för all Digital innovation
Connecting the unconnected A healthy and safe society Education for all Digital innovation and entrepreneurship

Responsible business

 Antikorruption Ansvarsfulla inköp  Yttrandefrihet  Arbetsmiljö och hälsa 
Anti-bribery and corruption Responsible procurement Freedom of expression Occupational health and safety
 Kundintegritet Barn på nätet   Miljöansvar  
Customer privacy Children online Environmental responsibility  

We need to conduct our business in a responsible way throughout our operations, and leverage our core business to do good for societies and the environment while creating business value.

All In and Responsible Business support each other and form a vital part of Telia Company’s business strategy. We strive to be fully accountable and transparent towards our stakeholders, communicating on our progress also on areas where we are not meeting expectations.

Whistleblowing and Speak-Up line

The Speak-Up Line is our web portal for whistle-blowing. Here you can anonymously report violations of Human Rights, breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or any other kind misconduct.