All in for an inclusive world

Connectivity and technology have significant effects on social progress. To leverage our core competencies and business to create shared value – combining social good with business benefits – we have created the All In strategy.

Digitalization - the development and use of information and communications technology (ICT) - has many positive effects on society. ICT development positively correlates to a country’s social progress. Mobile and fixed network coverage directly and positively affects GDP growth.

However, digitalization is uneven in its progress which creates digital divides. These, in turn, create social divides. Through increased connectivity, more people can explore, invent and share knowledge to the benefit of global development.

Based on our ability to positively impact society and the potential business opportunities involved, we have created the All In strategy. All In introduces a social dimension in our value proposition to drive innovation, differentiate and increase our brand value and attractiveness to customers and investors – taking us from sharing value created to creating shared value.

All In has four strategic objectives:

We approach the objectives in three ways:

  • Through products and services we do good in society while generating revenue

  • Through partnerships we extend our reach and capabilities to achieve impact at scale

  • Through initiatives that address barriers to market interest and uptake of our shared value products and services

Our core business in general, and All In in particular, directly or indirectly contributes to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Two All In strategic objectives – A healthy and safe society and Education for all – directly drive towards SDG3: Good health and well-being and SDG4: Quality education. Together with industry associations GSMA and GeSI, we are identifying ways of making ICT an enabler and deciding factor in meeting the Global Goals.

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