Children online

Children and young people are active users of our services. We work on our own and together with experienced partners to promote a safer use of internet among children, young people and their parents.

We believe that the internet enriches children’s lives and provides them with opportunities to improve their digital skills as well as to socialize, play and learn. However, children are particularly vulnerable to online threats such as cyber bullying and inappropriate content. Keeping children safe online requires an integrated approach across the broader technology industry and the society. Telia Company works closely with other companies and organizations within and outside our industry to drive common approaches to safe browsing and app use, as well as respectful behavior among children and young people.


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Read more in the Annual and Sustainability Report, pages 54-55.


Telia Company is honored to be ranked ’leader’ in the Global Child Forum and Boston Consulting Group latest report, in which close to 700 of the world’s largest companies have been measured in regards to safeguarding children’s rights. The report was published on November 14, 2019.

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In spring 2018 CEO Johan Dennelind participated in Global Child Forum, laying out Telia Company’s work on respecting and promoting children’s rights and took a pledge to advance children's rights in our business.

"Children are very important stakeholders to Telia Company, as they use our services. As an internet service provider we have a responsibility to protect children online. We have been very engaged in this during the last couple of years and we have to continue on that journey. That’s why we took the Global Child Forum pledge."

- Johan Dennelind, CEO at Telia Company

Children’s voices

Children have the right to be listened to, and adults do not necessarily know very much about children’s experiences or lives online. This is why we decided to let the children explain to us, in their own way, the role that the internet plays in their lives.

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