Protecting and empowering children online

In 2017, Telia decided to make children’s rights a focus area within the company’s approach to responsible business. In connection with this decision, the “Children’s Rights and Business Principles” (CRBP), developed by Save the Children, UNICEF and UN Global Compact, were adopted as a framework for our work to empower and protect children online. The basis of this framework is stated in the first principle, that companies should “Meet their responsibility to respect children’s rights and commit to supporting the human rights of children”.

These pages were developed together with Save the Children Finland



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Telia's Commitment

Telia is committed to protecting children's right to participation, protection and well-being.

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YOUNITE is Telia Company’s employee volunteering program. It gives employees the opportunity to engage in activities that support the empowerment and safety of children.

Children’s rights and a New Generation Telco

Telia has adopted CRBP (Children's Rights and Business Principles), developed by Save the Children, UNICEF and UN Global Compact, as a framework for working with the child perspective in our business.

Projects and initiatives

Telia is working with a range of projects and initiatives on our own and in partnership with other actors to protect and empower children online.


Telia is partnering with a number of children’s rights organizations such as Save the Children and World Childhood Foundation.

Children’s participation

Listening to children’s perspectives and encouraging their participation.


Building awareness of children’s rights online among parents, children, our customers, employees, the industry and the public.


Using technology to protect and empower children online.


Incorporating a children’s rights perspective in all Telia’s processes.