Children's Participation

Online participation, meaning the opportunity to express one’s views and opinions online, is a fundamental part of modern citizenship. It is therefore important that children and young people have the opportunity to influence decision-making that affects their lives, for example in matters concerning digital technology, games and social media. Children have the right to be listened to.

We can make sure that children’s voices are heard by engaging with them and listening to them. As a company we engage with children in many ways and have gathered some insights of children’s lives online. These insights are used to improve Telia’s understanding and approach to children as users of our technology, and to help us contribute to the ICT industry’s and society’s understanding of children as online citizens.

The biggest challenge for a company when it comes to children’s participation is to gain access to listen to children with various perspectives. This is a very regulated area (rightly so) and requires some resources and efforts from a company to manage.

Through our engagement with children we can take steps to follow the 1st and the 5th principles of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. 

Children’s Advisory Panel

Adults don’t necessarily know very much about children’s experiences online, and children have a right to be heard. This is why we decided to let children explain to us, in their own way, the role that the internet plays in their lives and their views on specific aspects of their online experience.

We listen to children through the Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) in collaboration with child rights organizations and schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Every year, around 700 children aged 12-15 participate by describing and discussing the opportunities, benefits and challenges of life online.

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Petition is a checklist developed by Telia in Finland and Save the Children, that helps parents, teachers and caretakers understand children’s perspectives on online life.

Petition is based on thousands of debates and discussions with children and young people on the challenges and opportunities of everyday life online. These discussions were conducted by YOUNITE volunteers and Save the Children Finland employees at various events in Finland in 2017. The insights gathered were then combined with Save the Children’s expertise on children’s rights.

Petition in Finnish

Petition in English

Innovation Camps

In Denmark we organize innovation camps with children aged 13-16 at the Telia office.The children solve a case and learn to code their solution to the problem during the 2-day camp. 105 children participated in the three camps that were organized in 2017. One of the camps was for girls only, with the goal of getting more girls interested in innovation and IT.

Children learn to code

Through our volunteering program YOUNITE we offer coding lessons to children in all our markets.

We use an online tool that is freely available called “Hour of Code” with, and every child gets support from a YOUNITE volunteer. In connection to the coding we also discuss how the children can keep themselves safe online.

Everyone can make a difference

We want to make sure that there are opportunities for everyone to make a difference. One way we do this is through our YOUNITE volunteering program. However, not all children and young people are able to physically attend youth programs. It is therefore important to also provide online access, in order to reach more young people.

  • Save the Children Finland operates Netari, a nationwide online youth community founded in 2004. Netari enables participation in a web-based youth community, recreation and peer experience online, the opportunity to create new friend relationships, and provides reliable adult support.
  • Telia Finland’s YOUNITE volunteer program gives specialists an opportunity to be a part of Netari’s theme weeks. Save the Children trains YOUNITE volunteers and provides the interface where young people can meet and interact with Telia’s specialists. 
  • Intensive chat weeks are held twice a year with different and timely themes. The topics vary: first summer job, privacy online, online opportunities, and more. 
  • Topics and the timetable are planned by Save the Children and Telia, and Telia finds and provides the volunteers through the YOUNITE volunteer program.