The most comprehensive way for a company to work with children’s rights is to incorporate them into their business processes. Through partnerships with children’s rights organisations, Telia has been able to ensure that children’s rights are respected in a number of different business processes, such as sourcing, network management, communication, marketing and product development. For this to be successful, it is important to establish a clear commitment to children’s rights, gain the understanding of what it means for the company, communicate this internally and train employees accordingly.

Incorporating children’s rights into business processes requires expert knowledge of both the business and children’s rights and can be quite an extensive exercise. Therefore, Telia has in collaboration with Save the Children identified the most important processes for us to work with. Other companies may find other processes more important and prioritize differently.

The biggest challenge for a company when it comes to including children’s rights in its processes is to raise internal awareness, so that the people working with the different processes are aware of the company´s commitment to children’s rights and what that means in the different processes. 

By integrating the children’s rights perspective in our processes, our aim is to meet the requirements of the 1st and 10th principles in general and 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th more specifically of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.

Children’s Rights e-learning for all employees

Children’s Rights- What is our responsibility?

It is a 15-20 min individual interactive learning module, created in cooperation with World Childhood Foundation, to grow awareness and understanding about children’s rights, risks children face online and the commitment we have made to protect and empower children through our work in Telia. It enables employees to better understand how their work in Telia affects children, what is Telia doing and what can we all do to protect and empower children online and the role we as adults play to make the internet a safer place for children. The e-learning module is available to all employees of Telia Company in English, Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian languages. Below you can see a simplified video version of the e-learning in English.

Training Telia shop employees

Telia shops are a direct connection to our customers, including children, young people and parents. In Finland we educate our Telia shop employees about children’s rights online and how to communicate with customers on this subject.

In collaboration with Save the Children Finland we have made a training video which was distributed and made mandatory viewing for Telia shop employees. New training material will be distributed in the fall. 

There are information leaflets for the shops: a parental guide and sustainability leaflet (including information about our work on children’s rights online) to be shared with our private customers. 

We have also made petition and other sustainability information videos that can be viewed on screens in our shops (including one on children’s rights).

Telia Finland launches Telia Dot

Telia Finland’s product design team developed a new subscription service to improve well-being online.

As part of this new product, the team wanted to develop a training program for families to improve children’s well-being online. To make sure that they integrated children’s rights in the product in the best way possible, the design team contacted Telia Finland’s sustainability team, to learn more about the collaboration with the children’s rights organisation Save the Children. 

Telia’s sustainability team established the connection between the product design team and Save the Children in the early stages of product development, to ensure that children’s rights were considered in the product development process as whole.

The internal communication about the work with children’s rights, and the potential value added to products and services, is an important part of integrating children’s rights into business processes.

Win-win solution:

  • Save the Children provides expert contributions to design, produce the content for the parental training program and review the product from children's perspective. These are areas where Telia lack resources and knowledge.
  • Telia Finland provides resources, technical solutions and distribution channels for Save the Children Finland that would not normally be available to them

Telia receives unique added value for the product and its content. Save the Children gain access to a new channel for raising awareness and training people.

Caring for children in our marketing

When reviewing our operations from the Children’s Rights and Business Principles perspective with Save the Children, we realized that we can use marketing and advertising to show respect and support for children’s rights. As a company we are constantly reviewing our communication to make the best possible impact on our stakeholders. Together with Save the Children we carried out several workshops and a webinar for brand and marketing teams across our footprint that included training of marketing and advertising specialists within Telia about children’s rights and ultimately resulted in creation of Responsible Marketing Guidelines. These are structured guidelines to care for children’s rights in marketing and advertising internally and for advertising agencies. The guidelines help us to take the best interest of the child in focus as it addresses how we need to care for children as participants in our campaigns, marketing targeted at families as well as marketing not directed towards children, but that they are exposed to.

In several markets we have used our communication and advertising strength to spread messages that promote friendly behaviour online. In Sweden we had a Hate-the-Hate campaign with the anti-bullying organization Friends and in Estonia we run the Greatest Courage campaign in cooperation with the Child helpline. In Finland we ran the Digiboom campaign for one year, promoting children’s rights in different advertising channels. We continue to fine-tune our processes for an effective sponsorship and communication strategy to make an impact.

Incorporating a children’s rights perspective in our sourcing

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles is an important framework for Telia Company and has been used to make a gap assessment of our operations in relation to children’s rights. One area that we assessed was our sourcing.

As a result of the assessment we organised a two-hour workshop with the global sourcing management team, who participated in creating new standards for our sourcing, taking children’s rights into account.

Activities related to supporting children’s rights in our everyday sourcing are now being implemented, as part of the process of the continuous improvement of our responsible sourcing focus.