Role of adults

You as a parent, caregiver or other adult with close relationship to a child play an important role to make internet a safe place for children.

First of all you need to pay interest to the child’s life on internet. Listen and discuss, ask about the day online. Your participation in your child’s life can never be replaced by rules or technical solutions.

You get some advice in this guide for parents.

There are also technical solutions that can help you protect the children from the worst parts of the internet. However, these technical solutions can never fully replace the need for a present and caring adult. The technical solutions are not a complete protection, but can be used as a support. Remember to talk to your child about the technical protection, as soon as the child is old enough to understand, so that he/she understands what and why you have put this protection in place. Ask your Telia contact about any child safeguarding features when you subscribe for TV or internet services.


Save the Children has issued a folder with advise to adults on how to protect children from sexual abuse online.

Download the folder here (pdf)

Respect my body!


Save the Children has issued a folder with advise to adults on how to talk to children about sexuality, the body's private areas and what you can and what you cannot do to or with the bodies of others.

Download the folder here (pdf)