Telia Company has together with partners set up a school class workshop concept, with the aim to support children to acquire digital skills for a safer behavior online, through interaction and participation. The workshops are aimed for school classes and can be facilitated by Telia volunteers or by teachers/parents. We are happy to find suitable volunteers for you to come and run the workshop at your school. You are also welcome to use the material to run a workshop on your own.

The concept is based on input from the Children’s Advisory Panel, where more than 1,500 children in seven countries have either participated in co-creative workshops about online life or replied to an online survey.

The concept has been built with the principle of participatory pedagogy where children are included as co-creators of knowledge. This provides a transformative way to learn new skills. 

We hope that the concept inspires the children to transfer new knowledge to their peers, younger children and adults.

The workshop concept and material is developed by Telia Company together with expert partners.

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Kids' Online Data

The workshop familiarizes children (11-13 years old) with online privacy and integrity. The training is offered in 6 countries. Click here to download material and/or get in contact with Telia volunteers in:

Younite - Telia Company's Volunteering Initiative

YOUNITE is part of Telia Company’s ongoing work to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We do that by taking responsibility for how our business impacts our societies and by using our core business to actively contribute to the development of society. YOUNITE is a Group initiative launched across six countries in 2017.

Through these school class workshops Telia YOUNITE volunteers support children in learning new skills, developing a new interest in digital skills, and developing their learning in order to pursue further education. We also promote safety for children in the online environment with the ambition to prevent exploitation of children.Hence, through this concept we also support the UN Sustainability Development Goal 4 and 16.