Telia Company has together with partners set up school class workshop modules, with the aim to support children to acquire digital skills for a safer behaviour online, through interaction and participation. The workshops can be facilitated by Telia volunteers or by teachers/parents/other adults.

The workshop modules are developed by Telia Company together with expert partners, like

Currently there are three modules available for school children, and one module for adults:

1) Advice for a healthy life online

  • Suitable for age 11-14

  • Children create their own animated advice to other children

2) Kid’s online data

  • Suitable for age 11-13

  • Focus is on privacy and integrity

3) Smart Surf

  • Suitable for age 9-12

  • Focus is on general safety measures online

4) #Netsmart for adults

Advice for a healthy life online

During this workshop the children create their own advice to younger children about how to live a healthy life online. The advice are created on PC or tablets in the format of short animated films, using the Plotagon animation tool.

The implications that online life has on health, especially that of children, is a frequent topic of public debate. Findings from the Children’s Advisory Panel (Children’s voices) show that children see plenty of opportunities online, but also that many children are aware of online risks and have methods to deal with them. This is what should be captured during this workshop.

This workshop is suitable for children 11-14 years old.

Time needed is approximately 20 min for preparations, 40 minutes for the creation of the animated film and 40-60 minutes to discuss the created advice.

This workshop module is available through Telia in Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

To run this workshop, you need to apply for a licence to the Plotagon animation tool.

The license can be used on the school’s own computers or surf tablets (a max of 30 devices per school class/license) for four months after application. Telia supplies Plotagon licences for free to school classes for this workshop. There is a limited number of free licenses available. Apply here.

What you should do after you applied for the Plotagon account:

  1. Within a few days after application, you will receive an e-mail from Plotagon with all information about how to download and use the licences on your school’s computers or surf tablets.
  2. Download the material through the links below, and start prepare yourself. The instructions are short and easy to follow.

Download workshop material here








Kid's online data

The workshop (90 minutes) familiarizes children (11-13 years old) with online privacy and integrity.

Click here to download material and/or get in contact with Telia volunteers in:

Download the material in English

Smart Surf

Learn about general safety measures online.

The workshop consists of 13 slides/topics and takes 60-90 minutes. It is aimed at children in the age group 9-12 years and a group of 25 children maximum.

The workshop is built around questions and interactions. The children shall learn through reflection and discover reasonable limits through the conversation.

This workshop module is available through Telia in Estonia and Sweden.

Download workshop material here:

Younite and child safeguarding

YOUNITE is Telia Company’s employee volunteering program. It gives employees the opportunity to engage in activities that support the empowerment and safety of children.

In some cases Telia’s YOUNITE volunteers arrange school workshops with children in a school or at our offices. When doing so they are obliged to follow the Telia Company child safeguarding routine:

Child safeguarding routine

What you as a volunteer have to do before the school visit:

  • Inform the local YOUNITE team about which school you will visit and provide the contact details of the contact person at the school.
  • Provide the teacher with information (printed or digital) about the presentation/workshop, including information about whom the teacher can contact for comments and/or complaints.
  • Written information for parents/caregivers about the presentation/workshop must be provided (printed or digital) to the teacher.
  • Plan and execute a ten-minute hand over conversation with the teacher directly after the visit, to ensure that the teacher will handle any sensitive topics after the visit.
  • Currently for Sweden only: Hand in an extract from the criminal record to the local YOUNITE team, to show that the employee has not committed any crimes against children.

General rules that the volunteer has to observe during the school visit:

  • We always go to schools in pairs, i.e. together with a colleague.
  • The teacher must be present during the workshop.
  • It is strictly forbidden to exchange contact information directly with the children, during or after the school visit. Contact requests should always go through the teacher.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take photos of the children, unless clear consent has been given by the parents (for ex via the school).

#Netsmart for adults

#Netsmart for adults - how do we talk to children about life online?

Opportunities online are unlimited! But there are also risks. Adults need to be aware and know how to protect children online.

This 60 minutes presentation gives adults insights and tools to talk to children about life online.

Download presentation and speaker notes (2 pdfs)

- English

- Swedish