Children’s rights is an important sustainability focus area. Telia Company bases its work on the guidelines in the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBPs).

The CBRP framework consists of ten principles and has been developed by Save the Children, UNICEF and UN Global Compact. The principles cover a company’s workplace, market and its touchpoints with the communities where the company operates.

In collaboration with Save the Children we have carried out an impact assessment of our business in relation to the ten principles, with particular focus on our role as a telco. Principles 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10 stand out as the most material areas. Based on the assessment we have developed an action plan for implementing the principles over time.


Implementing the CRBPs:

To implement the CRBPs, we have adopted a six-step process. We believe that this process would help other companies also looking to implement the CRBPs.

  1. Seek board and management commitment to implement the CRBPs, supported by insights around the business value of supporting children’s rights.

  2. Build awareness of children’s rights and the CRBP framework through education of key internal stakeholders by child rights professionals. 

  3. Perform an impact assessment to understand the most material impacts and principles.

  4. Formalize and implement an action plan based on the results of the impact assessment.

  5. Follow up progress regularly with management.

Seek support by childrens rights professionals, to ensure expertise and to establish long-term partnerships.

We work on children’s rights through incorporating children’s rights perspective into our processes, using technology to protect and empower children, listening to children’s voices via participation, building awareness and digital skills, and partnering with children’s rights organisations.


Incorporating a children’s rights perspective in all Telia’s processes.

Children’s participation

Listening to children’s perspectives and encouraging their participation.


Using technology to protect and empower children online.


Building awareness of children’s rights online among parents, children, our customers, employees, the industry and the public.


Telia is partnering with a number of children’s rights organizations such as Save the Children and World Childhood Foundation.