Employee Diversity and inclusion

At Telia Company we encourage and enable everyone to be their best, most brilliant, and authentic selves. We strive to provide equal opportunities to ensure employee rights and that our employees reflect the diversity of the customers and societies we serve.

Allison Kirkby, President & CEO of Telia Company, on Telia Company’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to Telia Company?

Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of Telia Company’s culture and one of the ways we bring our purpose and values to life. We exist to reinvent better connected living and hence reinvent for better inclusion for our employees and our customers in the markets where we operate. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture to encourage and enable everyone to be their best, most brilliant, and authentic selves, and ensure every talent is seen and every voice is heard.

We strive to provide equal opportunities to ensure employee rights and that our employees reflect the diversity of the customers and societies we serve. No employee shall be discriminated or treated differently because of their gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, social background and/or other characteristics protected by applicable law.

At Telia Company, we constantly work towards ways to make our company more inclusive. So far, we have met with success, but our efforts don’t stop here.  

Our public goals for Employee Diversity & Inclusion  

  • 50/50 gender balance in the Extended Leadership team of Telia Company by 2025.
  • Continuously decrease the raw gender pay gap.
  • All managers trained in unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment practices by 2023.
  • Conduct a voluntary diversity, belonging and equality survey to understand a wider set of workforce diversity aspects and needed interventions by 2024. 
  • Increase diversity at Telia Company and in the tech sector through continuous partnerships focusing on digital and tech re-skilling & up-skilling.
  • Ensure that diversity & inclusion aspects permeate our TV & Media business on and off-air.

Status as of 2021 

  • Gender Balance in the Extended Leadership Team: 37% Female & 63% Male.
  • Common equal pay and parity analysis carried out in all markets. The raw gender pay gap decreased by 2 percentage points in 2021, compared to 2020.
  • In 2020 Telia’s gap was reported at 14% and in 2021 it had decreased to 12%. The raw pay gap* is mainly due to a gender imbalance on certain senior levels rather than unequal pay for equal or similar job. Much of the remaining differences can be attributed to the gender separation of professions (for example more men in technology and commercial roles and more women in support functions and customer service). Telia’s job family “tech” (that includes IT-related jobs) has for example only 20% female employees. On the other hand, Telia has approximately 38% of female employees, female managers and female top executives, meaning that vertical careers are possible for women in Telia. The Telia raw gender pay gap mirrors the gender parity imbalance in the tech and IT sector in general. To continuously decrease the raw pay gap, Telia actively works with increasing parity in professions, meaning attracting more women to our tech roles, promoting more female senior managers in tech and commercial roles and to inspire girls and women to choose a technical education/reskilling opportunity. To ensure equal pay for equal work, Telia has a thorough job evaluation process, which serves as a basis for the annual salary survey and is used in connection with new hires and internal mobility. The rewards team conducts a yearly common equal pay analysis for all countries to detect any unjustifiable differences, which are then corrected according to a set time plan. The analysis also contains a gender parity analysis to identify the structural gaps in job families and management levels, and serves as a basis for the gender equality action plan.
  • 20% managers took the Unconscious Bias e-learning and 38% managers have been trained on Inclusive Recruitment Practices
  • A pilot diversity and inclusion survey was performed. Age, gender, region of birth for various target groups disclosed in the Annual and Sustainability Report
  • Virtual meet up with immigrants to showcase opportunities through vocational tech and IT re-skilling, together with external organizations specializing in re-skilling
  • Awareness raising seminars and workshops on biases conducted for TV4 staff

More information can be found on pages 99-101 in the sustainability report 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report. 

  • Moreover, Telia Company strives towards a life and family friendly workplace, offering parental leave to both mothers and fathers according to local legislation and in most countries additional monetary supplements set by the local collective bargaining agreement or similar. Telia Company provides both mothers and fathers with the opportunity to take parental leave, as well as absence to take care of a child. Telia Company also complies to all local legislation when it comes to caregiver leave.
  • The opportunity of flexi-work and remote work, an important enabler to successfully combine family and work, has since long been part of Telia’s ways of working, even pre-COVID. For further reading on our post-Covid model, please visit our well-being webpage.
  • High unionization and usage of collective bargaining and/or similar agreements with the unions, regarding both base pay and bonuses, means that Living Wage in our own operations is a non-issue, across our markets.

* The raw gender pay gap, also known as the unadjusted pay gap, is defined as the difference between the average earnings of men and women, relative to the average earnings of men.



Empowering our employees’ contributions

We at Telia Company believe that together we are making impact. We are aware that our journey towards a more inclusive company culture wouldn’t be possible without our unique employees, who inspire our progress and strengthen our mission. See what Telia Company’s Diversity and Inclusion team has to say about how their individual viewpoints feed back to the way our company operates.


Telia should be the home to your next big opportunity – no matter who you are! Inclusion to me is when an organization embraces all employees and enables them to make meaningful contributions” -

Clara Bodin, Global Lead D&I


“For an inclusive world from all diversities, it is something that has always been on my mind wherever I go. We must embrace the idea that what is different is not opposite but a strength that allows us to build a better and safer place wherever, with equity and equal opportunities for everyone”.

Estefanía Granja, D&I Specialist



"A business needs to be diverse to be successful. Not only successful, but also relevant. In the war for talent, we are more relevant for the candidates whenwe are truly diverse" -  

        Gustav Bergström, D&I Lead Sweden


Everywhere I go, I clearly see that the more diverse teams I meet automatically are more inclusive, have a higher level of psychological safety. Being your true authentic self, is to me the essence of diversity” -

Chris Hovde, D&I Lead Norway  


For me diversity is what makes us see all perspectives when working with services, customers and innovation” -

Ina Kummerfeldt, D&I Lead Denmark


Diversity for me means that everybody can be themselves, be valued for it, and have equal opportunities” -

Ira S Vainio, D&I Lead Finland  



“No matter who you are or what you believe, you are respected & empowered. We embrace diversity of people and ideas, where people feel safe & free to express themselves. This culture helps me view my work in multiple lenses, uncover some blind spots and reimagine them” -

Amelia Sestilo, D&I Lead Lithuania

Diversity is opening up so many new perspectives, creativity and smartness in teams. Working in diverse and inclusive environment is a key for hidden opportunities, but also a key for managing hidden risks” – 

Elo Võrk, D&I Lead Estonia  

 “I believe that a company should be a dynamic and inclusive placed filled with people with different backgrounds and experiences. That lays the foundation for a viable company with good business opportunities and a strong employer brand that will be able to grow and reinvent itself in a world of constant change” -

Lina Berggrén, D&I Lead TV4