Climate Neutral in own operations

Since 2020, we are climate neutral within our own operations, two years ahead of set target. A major contribution to these reductions is the use of 100 percent renewable electricity. Carbon offsetting is used to cover remaining emissions while continuing our reduction efforts.

Climate neutrality within our own operations is an integral part of the Telia Company road to zero. Our bold environmental agenda was launched in 2019, covering two goals – zero CO2 and zero waste by 2030. Our focus within climate action is on achieving absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, with carbon offsets seen as a complement to limit the environmental impact.

Since 2018, Telia Company has reduced GHG emissions from our own operations (scope 1, scope 2 (market-based) and scope 3: category 6 business travel) by 85%. A major contribution to these reductions is the use of 100 percent renewable electricity (Guarantees of Origin and I-REC) from 2020 onward. Carbon offsetting was used to cover remaining emissions from sources such as backup power fuel, district heating, business travel and company cars while continuing our reduction efforts. 

We chose offsetting in the form of industrial and biological removal credits which remove CO2e from the atmosphere. Industrial removals purchased through our partner support the production of bio-based construction materials - in this case, through Ekovilla and their production of carbon-negative insulation for buildings. This is a material made of cellulose fiber that absorbs and stores more carbon dioxide than is emitted during production. The biological removals are purchased through our partners South Pole and Earthbanc to support forest conservation projects in Zimbabwe and Peru. As a latest development to increase the accuracy of the carbon compensation on forest projects, Earthbanc is providing us with an AI based satellite verification of the forest project in Peru, to be able to audit the state of the forest frequently.

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