Our total carbon footprint

Based on 2018 data, we have calculated our total value chain carbon footprint. The majority of emissions are generated in the supply chain whereas our own operations generate limited climate impact, largely thanks to using 100% renewable electricity.

Value chain carbon footprint

Our total 2018 carbon footprint, calculated with support from expert partner Carbon Trust, was 1,270,000 tons CO2e. As illustrated below, our own operations (scopes 1+2* and business travel) account for only six percent while 85 percent can be attributed to the supply chain, mainly network construction, infrastructure equipment, mobile phones, access products and content production. Eight percent of emissions relate to electricity consumption when customers use our products. Working closely with suppliers to enable them to transition to a low-carbon economy will be key to achieve the 2030 goal of zero CO2.

For detailed information about scope 3 emissions in material categories, see pages 59 and 230 in the Annual and Sustainability Report.

Science Based Targets covering the full value chain

Based on the value chain assessment, in December 2020 we adopted Science Based Targets (SBTs) aligned with a 1.5° C pathway and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. The goals, to be reached by 2025, address the full value chain:

  • Halve emissions from own operations
  • Reduce the emissions related to use of sold and leased products by 29 percent
  • Engage with suppliers so that 72 percent of suppliers by emissions will have set science-based targets

* Market-based emissions