UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

As per the UK Modern Slavery Act (the Act), companies with operations in the UK are called upon to report on their practices regarding understanding and preventing any kind of human trafficking, forced or slave labor in their own operations and their supply chain. Telia Company has operations in the UK through its subsidiary Telia Carrier UK Limited.

Telia Company is committed to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the ILO, and to seeking to respect human rights as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and Children’s Rights and Business Principles. Telia Company follows, at a minimum, local legislation on labor rights wherever we operate. These and other commitments form the foundation of Telia Company’s Statement of Materiality and the Code of Responsible Business Conduct, which applies to all employees and subsidiaries. The commitments are extended to Telia Company’s supply chain through the Supplier Code of Conduct, which states the expectations and requirements on all suppliers, sub-suppliers and other third parties.

Telia Company considers the issues and related risks covered by the Act well understood and managed. Independent human rights impact assessments carried out on Telia Sweden and Telia Lithuania in 2017 included assessment of the likelihood of child, forced and compulsory labor in our operations in those markets, and concluded such as very unlikely.* Telia Company has processes in place to carry out third party due diligence, including risk assessments and audits, to identify and, together with suppliers mitigate, the presence and related risks of, inter alia, the issues covered by the Act. These processes are regularly revised, and key employees are continuously trained, to make sure that commitments are followed. Continuous supplier risk assessments carried out by Telia Company, and on-site audits carried out by Telia Company or other members of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), indicate these issues as very rare in the supply chain.

Employees or third parties who have identified potential or actual violation of these commitments or requirements are encouraged to file an anonymous report to Telia Company’s whistle-blowing channel Speak-Up Line.

* Telia Carrier UK Limited was not covered by the assessment.