Sustainability update January-June 2019

Below are highlights of Telia Company’s sustainability work in the first half of 2019.

Read more about the approach to sustainability including strategy integration and contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the “Digital impact” sustainability framework, goals and progress at and in the 2018 Annual and Sustainability Report.

On the same day, a letter went out to hundreds of suppliers to explain what will be required of them going forward. As a first step in 2019, CO2 is being added to supplier evaluation criteria.

The goals strongly reflect Telia Company’s commitment to the UN SDGs and to the Paris Agreement ambition of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

A sustainability team reflection workshop package was launched in all countries, with the purpose of helping teams reflect on how they can contribute to sustainability and the Daring goals.

As a step in the commitment to develop Science-Based Targets, Telia Finland carried out a scope 3 assessment. The methodology is applied to all markets, to get the full Group scope 3 baseline.

  • Telia Company’s Guiding Principles on Trusted AI Ethics were published. The nine principles include, inter alia, a commitment to respect human rights by considering and evaluating the risks and impacts of AI on human rights.
  • Roll-out of the new Code of Responsible Business Conduct e-learning course was completed in all markets. The new e-learning course provides employees and third parties working for Telia Company hands-on guidance in how to apply the requirements of the Code and other policies. At the end of the second quarter, approximately 15,000 employees and consultants had completed the course.

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • Work continued in implementing the ABC action plan for Telia Carrier. An ABC assessment was carried out in Telia Company’s innovation unit Division X.
  • Telia Sweden supported by the Group ethics and compliance office carried out a review of sales incentives. The findings will be used in upcoming reviews in the remaining Nordic and Baltic markets.

Children’s rights

  • Together with volunteers in Telia Company’s employee engagement program Younite, 26 Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) workshops with over 600 participants were carried out in schools in all Nordic and Baltic markets. The 2019 CAP theme is responsible gaming and e-sports, and findings from the workshops will be used to develop Telia Company’s approach, and as input to public discussion on the topic.
  • A Children’s Rights and Business Principles impact assessment workshop was carried out focusing on marketing, communications and brand.

Environmental responsibility

  • Telia Estonia received ISO 50001 energy management system certification.

Freedom of expression and surveillance privacy

  • The Law Enforcement Disclosure Report (LEDR) was released alongside the Annual and Sustainability Report. Statistics on requests for blocking (e.g. DNS blocking) was added.
  • In June, the independent assessment of Telia Company’s good faith efforts to implement the GNI principles with improvement over time was finalized and presented to GNI Board. Key findings and recommendations include:
    • Good transparency in external reporting and towards the assessor
    • High level of attention from local and Group management
    • Gaps in training of relevant employees and senior local and Group management
    • Strengthen approach to product area due diligence and human rights impact assessments (HRIA)

Health and well-being

  • As part of their transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001, Telia Sweden passed an internal ISO 45001 audit with no identified major non-conformities.
  • Telia Finland passed an ISO 45001 certification audit in May.

Responsible sourcing

  • A mandatory Supplier code of conduct e-learning course for all sourcing managers was launched.
  • Closed 55 percent of the supplier non-conformities registered at year-end 2018.
  • A Supplier code of conduct film was launched on Telia Company’s website. The purpose is to provide an easy-to-understand summary of the Supplier code requirements, as understanding of the Supplier code has been identified as a key issue related to supplier compliance gaps.


Highlight: City Vitality Insights

Launched in March, City Vitality Insights (CVI) uses anonymized and aggregated mobility data from the Telia Company network to measure and show crowd movement patterns in different parts of a city. This allows cities to quantify the impact of events and enables data-driven and sustainable city development decisions. By using these kinds of insights, cities will make better use of their resources and are able to measure the impact on city investments, making sure they develop in a way that meets actual needs. Some cities in Finland have already started using CVI whereas cities in Norway and Sweden will be able to start using the service later in 2019.

Highlight City Vitality Insights.png

“This makes the whole concept of the Smart City come alive for real as the city now actually starts to understand its citizens. When analyzing this data, we can provide completely new insights that city planners, decision makers, event organizers and others can translate into actions and measures that actually make the city better, smoother and greener,” says Kristofer Ågren, Head of Data Insights, Telia Company Division X.

CVI supports Telia Company’s commitment to shared value creation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by contributing to SDGs 3: Good health and well-being and 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

Good health.png Cities.png