Sustainability update -  Q3 2018

Below are highlights of our sustainability work so far in 2018.

Read more about our approach to sustainability including strategy integration through the “Digital impact” sustainability framework, goals and progress at and in the 2017 Annual & Sustainability Report.

  • A human rights policy was approved by the Board to further strengthen Telia Company’s long standing commitment to respecting human rights. The policy expanded on commitments in areas such as grievance, but mainly better puts commitments in e.g. freedom of expression and children’s rights into context.
  • New internal guidelines for ethics and compliance integration of acquired companies were adopted. Focus is on governance and high-risk areas such as anti-bribery and corruption, customer privacy and security.
  • Results from the Sustainability Perception Index (SPI) survey covering consumers and business customers in all core markets showed two main findings:
    • Informed respondents are generally very positive towards our societal and environmental impact and how we run our business in an ethical way.
    • Many respondents still feel uninformed about our impact, in particular our environmental impact.
  • Since its launch in early 2017, more than 7,000 employees have participated in the employee volunteering program Younite, where employees engage in activities that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the achievements since launch include introducing 3,200 children to coding and 1,900 seniors to life online and interacting with more than 110,000 children about internet’s opportunities and online safety

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) risk self-assessments carried out, with subsequent action plans developed, in Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Children’s rights

Customer privacy

  • Group functions and local companies across Telia Company intensified the work of mitigating compliance gaps against GDPR prior to May 25 when the regulation came into effect. Going forward, the work continues by continuously evaluating and developing new processes to further strengthen the customer privacy work.

Environmental responsibility

Freedom of expression and surveillance privacy

  • Telia Company’s Transparency Report covering 2017 was published alongside the 2017 Annual & Sustainability Report.
  • A self-assessment on Telia Company’s implementation of the Global Network Initiative (GNI) Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy was carried out. It will serve as the basis for a forthcoming external assessment covering both governance and cases whose results will be presented to the GNI Board.

Health and well-being

  • A new “Health and well-being index” was created for the Purple Voice employee engagement survey. The index will create a better understanding of the wide range of factors that impact employee health, well-being and engagement.

Responsible sourcing

  • A revised Supplier Code of Conduct was approved. Changes from previous version include more stringent requirements on areas such as responsible sourcing of minerals and human rights due diligence.
  • The group-wide roll-out of the common supplier due diligence process was completed.

Law enforcement disclosure report update

The table below lays out the number of government requests received in the first six months of 2018. For more information about the scope, challenges and limitations of the report as well as definitions of the categories, see the latest full law enforcement disclosure report.

Authority requests* January–June 2018

Country Lawful
Denmark 3,775 1,107 5,107 0
Estonia 3,3451 748 259,1232 60,0053
Finland 2,207 1,306 3,923 5
Moldova No statistics available 3,897 1,763 73
Norway 692 2,945 4,821 50
Sweden 1,899 2,033 803 157

* Direct access is not included in the statistics.
* 1 In Estonia, a direct access system is used. This figure has been provided by the Estonian authorities.
* 2 Includes all requests for Subscription data. For other countries the corresponding figure covers only requests that are handled by authorized personnel, and automated requests that refer to criminal cases.
* 3 Includes all requests to which we were not able to answer, most often because the requested information was about a customer of another operator.

Case: Helsinki Data Center – enabling sustainable digitalization

Helsinki Data Center (HDC), the largest open data center in the Nordics, was inaugurated in June. The data center has a massive maximum capacity of 24 MW and serves both Finnish and international companies and organizations.

“The data volumes are growing at a huge rate, which means that we have to build new kinds of secure data factories. The Helsinki Data Center is designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, the building is strongly linked to Telia's international network, through which almost 40 percent of the internet traffic of the whole world is carried each day,” says Stein-Erik Vellan, CEO of Telia Finland.

The philosophy behind the data center is fully in line with Telia Finland’s sustainability strategy – to provide environmentally friendly and secure network services.

To reduce environmental impact, HDC is highly energy efficient and runs on 100% renewable electricity. In addition, waste heat that is generated is reused in the local district heating network, supplying as much as 20,000 homes at full capacity. HDC operations are certified according to ISO 14001 environmental management and LEED Data Center v4 for energy efficiency.

Trust and safe handling of data is key. To this end, HDC is certified according to ISO 22301 business continuity management and ISO 27001 information security management.

"Our data center runs vital IT systems of companies and society, which must work in all circumstances. The two key supporting pillars of the data center are information security and safeguarding the continuity of customers’ business operations, so it's great that on both counts our solution has been certified according to very strict standards," says Helsinki Data Center Director Pasi Sutinen.